A Mother’s Day Gift to Yourself

Happy Mother’s Day! I hope you take some time today to celebrate all the wonderful mothers you know. I am blessed and grateful to have an amazing mom, and every day I try to be like her so I can be a good mom to my kids.

As moms we can be really hard on ourselves sometimes. We wonder if we’re doing a good enough job, if we’re doing it “right.”

When it comes to feeding our little ones, one of the best ways to teach them to be healthy eaters is for YOU to have a good relationship with food and with your body. They are watching us all the time (literally…do you ever go to the bathroom alone?! I don’t!) and they understand more than we think they do.

If you ever struggle with accepting your body, if you try to go on diets, if you have a lot of rules around your own eating…your kids will pick up on that. Healing your relationship with food will have a huge effect on your daughter’s and son’s relationship with food as they grow up.

Diet culture tells us that we need to be a certain size, eat certain foods and have “portion control.” Unfortunately, these messages are not helping us be the best mommies we can be.

It is so common for moms, and women in general, to struggle with their body image. I don’t want that for my daughter, and I bet you don’t either.

Give yourself a gift this Mother’s Day. Find someone to help you heal your relationship with food and your body so you can keep your children from living with the burden of not loving their body.

When we have babies, we kiss their pudgy thighs, we celebrate all the things their bodies can do as they learn and grow. As moms, we deserve that kind of love for our own bodies too.

Inspiring Mamas

Go check out these amazing moms on Instagram…they are non-diet clinicians who are so inspiring and show you how you can free yourself of your negative relationship with food and your body.

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Sumner at Intuitive Eating RD (RD)

Stefanie at Stefani Reinold MD (MD)

Tiffany at Mindful Counseling (Therapist)

I truly just want the best for you and your little ones. This can be a tough topic, and can be very emotional! I am always here to be supportive of you as a mom and I know what a hard job it is. Know that even if you have a difficult relationship with food, you can still love your kids fiercely! But you deserve to free yourself of that burden. <3


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