No Sugar Added Oatmeal Bars |

No Sugar Added Baked Oatmeal Bars

These no sugar added baked oatmeal bars are a great healthy finger food for babies and toddlers. I can’t tell you how long I searched on Google to find a recipe for no sugar added baked oatmeal bars. And I don’t just mean a recipe with no cane sugar. I


If Your Toddler Won’t Eat Meat

You may worry about protein if your toddler won’t eat meat or fish. Protein is actually not the main concern for your meat refusing kids. Read to learn how much protein they need, what other nutrients they may be missing out on, and see a list of healthy recipes to

Black Bean Veggie Burger |

The Only Black Bean Veggie Burger Recipe You Need

These turmeric black bean veggie burgers are hearty and tasty! Truly, the only veggie burger recipe you ever need to make at home.  You guys, I almost didn’t make these veggie burgers. Because every veggie burger recipe I’ve tried in the past came out dry and crumbly. Edible, I suppose,

Secretly Healthy Chocolate Pudding |

Secretly Healthy Chocolate Pudding [Dairy Free]

Does it get more classic than chocolate pudding?? This secretly healthy chocolate pudding will be loved by everyone in your family, including your picky eater (as long as they like chocolate)!  I have been making this chocolate pudding about once a week lately, it is SO GOOD. It all started

Raspberry Vanilla Fudge Bites |

Addicting Raspberry Vanilla Fudge Bites

I haven’t posted a recipe in MONTHS. I guess that’s what happens when you have a baby! Well, I’m coming back strong with a tasty snack that we’ve been enjoying over the past few weeks – raspberry vanilla fudge bites! I needed something I could grab quickly in between feeding


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