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Common issues I work with:
  • picky eating
  • not gaining enough weight
  • gaining too much weight
  • food allergy diet help
  • starting solids
  • general nutrition advice
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What Parents Are Saying

“I never write reviews but I just had to this time. First Kacie replied to my email consult submission the next day and sent me her video response within two days even though she was on (I’m sure a much needed) vacation. Even though I had a question on transitioning my breastfed baby that doesn’t enjoy milk and supplements he might need, she answered so much more about other worries I had. I am a nurse that has access to dietitians in my same office but Kacie was even much more thorough than they were with me. She really knows her stuff! I had so many anxieties about how to go about transitioning my son and also his eating but Kacie gave me a peace of mind that I’m now on the right track. Honestly she needs to be in every pedi office & I would have paid what she charges 5 times over. I can’t wait to consult with her again.” – Holly C.

“I felt overwhelmed by my son’s eating challenges. My son was 14 months old at the time, and with so much information on the internet and elsewhere, with different (sometimes opposing) philosophies, I wanted ONE expert’s guidance on how to transition my son from bottles of formula to just solids and milk, in addition to solving some other problems we were having with occasional vomiting and constipation. I had been following Kacie on Instagram and I liked her and her approach to feeding babies and kids. Kacie listened to me, she asked questions, and she understood that a lot of what my son was experiencing was connected, which had never occurred to me. Kacie was able to distill the many examples and anecdotes I was telling her into easy-to-understand tweaks that really changed how I was approaching feeding my child. I really appreciated that she gave me advice specific to my son’s needs, with no judgement, and really helped me understand what was happening and why, and how to solve it. We implemented her advice straight away, and just in the first two days, we saw marked improvement in his eating, and consequently, his mood. A month later, he’s eating a wide variety of solids really well and drinking milk out of cups or straws. I’m so happy we had Kacie to lean on, and it was really nice that she followed up with us. It felt like we had a great ally in our corner.” – Ana R.

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About Me

Hi! I’m Kacie Barnes.

I’m a pediatric nutrition expert, and I love helping moms make feeding their little ones easier and less stressful.

Even as a Registered Dietitian who lives and breathes food and nutrition – I still find it really challenging to feed my kids!

Between the constant demands, the whining, the picky eating, and the little time I have to be in the kitchen – it feels stressful to me, too.

That’s why I’m constantly working to SIMPLIFY and take anything off our long mom list of to-dos.

Setting up our kids with healthy habits that they will take with them throughout their lifetime is a huge priority for me. (And when I say “our kids”…I mean yours too!)

It’s a hard job – raising these littles! So I hope I can take away a little bit of the mom worry, the mom guilt, and the stress over whether you’re doing the right thing for your kids.

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