Online Nutrition Help

Work with Kacie Personally- phone or email options

Phone Support

Let's solve your nutrition and feeding struggles in a phone call!

I offer 15 and 30 minute sessions so we can get right to the issues - and you can walk away with a solution, a plan, and some peace of mind!

15-minute call: you really just need to get my professional expertise, but have a quick/uncomplicated question or problem to discuss - $33

30-minute call: you have a few questions, or want to be able to get a more comprehensive plan. - $63

Email Support

NEW -  Now we can work directly via EMAIL!

For parents who can't plan a call (I totally get it- baby & toddler schedules are really unpredictable- it can be hard to schedule anything in advance!)

This is for questions/problems that you need guidance with, but do not include major medical issues.


Click the button below to process payment via Gumroad, and immediately be sent to a page to enter your question.

I will email you a video response!

You may send one follow-up clarification question after receiving my response.

My standard response time is within 2-3 days.

For more complicated issues requiring additional support, I will suggest further follow-up options on a case by case basis.