Mama Knows Nutrition Favorite Things: 2020 Edition

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Favorite Things

You asked, I answered! 

I get so many messages, comments and emails asking me to share my favorite products, courses, and resources for feeding your little ones, and I figured it was time to put them all in one easy-to-reference place. 

I hope you enjoy this list of Mama Knows Nutrition’s favorite things of 2020! Do you guys use these products at home? Are you thinking about buying them after this? Let me know in the comments below!

Note: this post contains affiliate links. As an Amazon affiliate and member of other affiliate programs, I earn from qualifying purchases.

My Favorite Feeding Supplies

Go to my Amazon Shop here to see my favorite:

  • Toddler Cups
  • Toddler Utensils
  • Toddler Plates
  • Toddler Bowls
  • …and more!

But, here are a few of the highlights:

1. High Chair

This Stokke Tripp Trapp high chair is an investment but it will last through several children and several stages. The chair grows with them and is appropriate for baby, toddler, and child. It’s very well made.

In the picture here I don’t have the tray attached or the cushions on but those do come with the chair when you buy the complete bundle.

Disclosure: Stokke sent us a chair at no charge (I asked for it because I think it’s the best chair!). All opinions are my own.

2. Booster Seat

When kids are eating, the table should hit them at mid-chest height or lower. If they’re too low down, eating will be uncomfortable and they’ll likely want to leave the table sooner. To make sure your child is eating at the right height, you may need to boost them up!

If you’re at booster seat age, this is a great one if you don’t have the Tripp Trapp. Here’s Emilia in hers!

My Favorite Resources

1. My No Sugar, Still Sweet EBook

No Sugar Still Sweet by Kacie Barnes and Heather Staller

2. My Target Snack Guide

healthy toddler snacks

3. My Healthy Packed Lunch Guide

healthy packed lunch guide for toddlers and preschoolers

4. My Dinnertime Survival Guide

Dinnertime Survival Guide

My Favorite Kitchen Tools

Guidekraft Kitchen Helper

I absolutely love this Kitchen Helper, because it gives me a safe way to have my kids up at the counter with me! You can’t see it very well in this picture, but there’s actually a mesh cover on the back side which prevents falls really well, especially when the open side is pushed up against the counter.

It also folds up well, so you can get it out of the way pretty easily. But honestly we use ours so often that I always leave it out!

Favorite Things

My Favorite Courses

1. My Little Eater’s Baby Led Feeding Course

Curious about Baby Led Feeding?

Imagine how great would it be to have a super-knowledgeable friend sit down and walk you through how to introduce solids, and how to choose and serve the right ones at the right time, while simultaneously answering allllll the questions that pop up along the way!

If this would basically solve all your BLF problems, then you need to check out my RD friend Edwena Kennedy’s Baby Led Feeding online course.

I personally took the course when Emilia was a baby so I could see what it was like for myself, and I really loved it. Even though I already went through starting solids with Teddy and I’m a dietitian who specializes in feeding little ones, I still got a ton out of it.

You learn some of the really important things about introducing solids that even I sometimes forget, like:

  • When and how to introduce common allergens, like peanuts
  • What exactly should be in baby’s meal
  • How often to feed them
  • How to handle gagging and choking
  • …and more!

She makes it really simple and breaks it down step by step, so it’s incredibly helpful without being overwhelming at all.

You can get 10% off with the code MAMAKNOWS here!


2. Little Z’s Sleep Coaching Programs

Sleep deprivation is incredibly hard, but you really can make it better!

If anyone knows about not sleeping, it’s me. With Emilia, I went through countless books, Google searches, and two sleep trainers before I found Becca from Little Z’s. I’m so thankful that she was the last stop on my seemingly endless search to get Emilia sleeping better!

Becca has been helping families all over the world to “make sleep a thing” in their homes (as she puts it!). She makes it easy for us tired mamas to implement a plan, and gives us the confidence of knowing we can do it, and that it will work.

Emilia was more of a challenge than like 99% of babies when it comes to sleep, so if Becca could help us, she can definitely help you too!

Becca’s courses are a lot more affordable than working one-on-one with a sleep consultant (I’ve been there, and dropped a lot of $$), but they still give you amazing help and support.

You deserve to sleep again, mama! It’s life changing.

Check out her courses (for babies through preschoolers) here.

My Favorite Health and Wellness Products

1. Culturelle Probiotic

We love probiotics in my house because they can help prevent illness.

2. Wellvites Gummy Vitamins and Renzo’s Picky Eater Multivitamins

These are my top choices if you want a multivitamin for your little one without any added sugar.

The Renzo’s brand has iron in it, so if your pediatrician recommends a multi with iron, this is my pick for you.

3. Elderberry Supplements

Another go-to for us! They help shorten duration of colds and viruses once they’ve started.

My Favorite Snacks for Kids

1. Safe and Fair

I LOVE Safe and Fair’s simple and healthy ingredients. And, their products are allergy-friendly, making them perfect snacks to bring to school safely. Our favorites are the honey grahams, birthday cake granola, and sweet and salty kettle popcorn quinoa chips!

If you try these, use the code MAMAKNOWS10 for 10% off.

2. Kids Snack Box Subscription Box

Kids Snack Box subscription boxes are filled with new snacks for you and your kids to try every single month! They’re great because they let you try different healthy snacks for your kids before you buy a whole box and risk them not liking it. Plus, I’m their nutrition advisor so I approve all the snacks that go into the boxes!

Did I Miss Anything?

I’ll keep updating this list as I discover new things I love. Are there things your family can’t live without? Leave me a comment below and I’ll look into it!

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