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#49: As a mom, is therapy right for me? [Feat. Ashurina Ream of Psyched Mommy]

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Becoming a parent changes you. Your day to day life looks COMPLETELY different than before, and the demands on your time are unparalleled. If you’ve ever found yourself thinking that you don’t feel like yourself, things feel too hard, or you’re experiencing feelings you never had before (like rage, anxiety, and depression), you might wonder if therapy is right for you.

Mental health is one of my #1 priorities because I’ve gone through my own journey that has freed me to live life the way I want to. Today’s special guest is the founder of an extremely popular social media account, Dr. Ashurina Ream of Psyched Mommy. 

Regardless of whether you became a mom yesterday or 10 years ago, today’s episode is for all moms who are curious to hear about:

  1. How do you know if you need therapy?
  2. What are common reasons that moms seek out therapy
  3. Is there a certain type of therapy to look for? Or a certain level of credentials in a therapist?
  4. How do you find a therapist?
  5. What if you don’t like your therapist? How do you tell them?
  6. How do you know if therapy is going to work?
  7. What resources are out there for people who can’t afford therapy or their insurance doesn’t cover it?

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Available on your favorite platforms:


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