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Mama Knows Nutrition: The Podcast

I dunno about you, but no one gave me the parenting manual I DESPERATELY need. This podcast is for all the parents who want real answers to questions like, “why the F won’t my three-year-old eat dinner,” and “can they survive on goldfish crackers alone?” I also bring on guests to learn from and connect with on all the things we go through as parents, so none of us has to feel alone.

I’m Kacie Barnes, Registered Dietitian Nutritionist, and mom of two. You can always count on me to keep it real, non-judgmental, and to never take myself too seriously!

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Latest Episodes

72: Mama Knows Nutrition Podcast Announcement

I am pausing the Mama Knows Nutrition podcast. We have recorded so many podcasts with amazing guests and heart-to-hearts giving you all of the insight. I love creating content, it brings me great joy. This pause is allowing me to shift my focus to prioritize some other exciting projects for Mama Knows. I hope to see you on my website and social media! 

71: My kids like foods I don’t – is it bad to eat something different than them?

I LOVE this question, because I can answer this question for you from a registered dietitian’s perspective to ease your concerns. Spoiler: you don’t always have to eat the same things as your kids. I’ll talk about what that can look like and what to keep in mind. 


Picky Eater Starter Guide with Safe Food Sheet

Ep. 19 How to Stop Dieting and Gain Food Freedom with Colleen Christensen, RD and intuitive eating expert,

You could be eating differently because of your kids because of food rules. Find out with this quiz.

69: Postpartum core and pelvic floor - is it too late to fix? [ft. Ashley of Get Mom Strong]

Whether you’re new to postpartum life or you’re years into your postpartum journey, it’s not too late for you to feel better. In this episode, Ashley Nowe of Get Mom Strong shares her personal journey and gives advice to help new moms find the right journey for their core and pelvic floor recovery. 


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68: Balancing Fitness with Mom Life [ft. Hannah (Hall) Bower]

Hannah Hall, known on social media as Hannah Bower, is a mom of two, wife, and owner of Twenty2Nutrition. I had so much fun talking to Hannah about the benefits of exercise and nutrition, and in her words, why exercise makes her a “better human.” Check out her tips for how to move beyond fitness culture and get moving in a way that works for you in your own journey. This advice is amazing for postpartum moms, but really is beneficial for anyone!


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67: Feel Prepared and Comfortable with Pregnancy and Labor [Ft. Liesel Teen of Mommy Labor Nurse]

Liesel Teen, founder of Mommy Labor Nurse, loves birth and loves helping people…she’s just the best. Listen to our conversation to gain confidence as you prepare for baby, and feel OK about the weird/unexpected things that can happen in labor. You don’t want to miss Liesel’s top hacks for reducing nausea, making labor in the hospital feel more calming, managing pain, and making pumping less awful.


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Birth Plan Template

66: Causes of Picky Eating

Most parents of picky eaters that I work with have something in common – they blame themselves, at least in part, for their kid’s eating. But what if a lot of the causes of picky eating are actually not in your control? Listen to this episode to find out why your little one may be picky, and which things you actually can control.


MKN Picky Eater Quiz

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  1. The sweetness and bitterness of childhood: Insights from basic research on taste preferences
  2. Food neophobia across the life course: Pooling data from five national cross-sectional surveys in Ireland
  3. Associations between emotionality, sensory reactivity and food fussiness in young children
  4. Developmental and Environmental Influences on Young Children’s Vegetable Preferences and Consumption

65: Pretzels and Cheerios: Are they healthy or not?

There’s a good chance your kid is eating pretzels and Cheerios quite often…but are they healthy? I am NOT one to make you afraid of what you feed your kids so before you even listen I don’t want you to freak out about this! Listen in to find out how to include these kid favorites in a healthy diet, and what my response is to the people who think Cheerios are harmful to eat.

Ep. 40 Are Goldfish Crackers Actually Healthy? Ask a Dietitian! 

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Milk for Toddlers: Answering All Your Questions on Cow’s Milk, Non-Dairy Alternatives & Hormones

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This is the best podcast I’ve ever listened to. I was lost before I found this. When are you starting your daily segment on the third hour of the Today Show?


Please put out more podcasts! I can’t get enough of your helpful tips and creativity. It’s so nice to listen to someone who really knows kids and nutrition!


I’ve been listening to this podcast in my morning walks and it’s been a lifesaver!!!! Easy to do and super informative!

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