One Meal Challenge SELF-GUIDED

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What’s included in this self-guided version:

  • The entire One Meal Challenge guidebook with daily lessons, homework assignments, and answers to FAQs
  • 3 weeks of progression charts to guide you through new food introduction for veggies and proteins
  • BONUS vitamin and supplement guide for picky eaters

You get everything that’s in the original One Meal Challenge to work through on your own pace.

Topics included:

  1. How to Make Meals that Everyone Will Accept: and get clear on where you’re starting from with your picky eater
  2. How to Use Safe Foods (and boost nutrition)
  3. Getting Them to Try New Foods: how to progress past putting the food on their plate and them NEVER touching it to actually putting it in their mouth
  4. What to Do When They Don’t Eat: reasons why they may not be eating and how to handle bedtime snacking
  5. Meal Planning Day: and a reality check to help you plan meals that will ACTUALLY work well for you
  6. Getting Them to Branch Out: Step by step guide to break them away from ONLY accepting their favorites
  7. Branching Out, Part 2: Sensory Preferences – how to uncover their specific sensory preferences and use that knowledge to introduce new foods
  8. Reign in Snacking: get them to come to meals with an actual appetite & eating more nutritious food (plus what I look for in healthy snacks)
  9. Breaking Free From Their Likes / Dislikes: how to reset their expectations and get out of the routine of only catering to their favorites
  10. Know Your Role: jobs that you can get rid of to make mealtimes easier and happier for all
  11. What You Can Expect From Your Toddler: answers to the “how much should they be eating?” question, getting them to SIT at the table, and more
  12. Don’t Put All The Nutrition Pressure On Dinner: quick tips to get more nutrition in their day
  13. Say This, Not That: eliminating stressful mealtime situations and preventing tantrums
  14. Do We Have to Eat at the Same Time as the Kids?: troubleshooting and how to obtain the incredible benefits of family meals
  15. Last Day! Reflect on what you learned and celebrate your wins!