Dinnertime Survival Guide

Dinnertime Survival Guide – 6 week meal plan


If there was a way to serve healthy meals to your family every single night of the week WITHOUT you spending an hour in the kitchen, or doing a bunch of prep work, or having to stick to the same few meals over and over again…

…would you feel a huge weight lifted off your shoulders?

Would you feel less guilt, knowing that you have a plan that’s actually EASY and DO-ABLE to get out of the chicken nugget and mac and cheese rut?

Might you feel like a better mom if you could stress less about frantically getting dinner on the table after a long day?

You do NOT need to spend 30 or 60 minutes in the kitchen to make a healthy meal for your kids.

And when you’re a busy mom, or you’re pregnant, or you’re postpartum, or you’re really tired, or you simply don’t like spending a ton of time in the kitchen — dinnertime probably feels at the very least like a bit of a struggle, and at the most — completely impossible.

Instead of trying to make the impossible possible – and take on more work for yourself, that you don’t have the bandwidth for…

Just surrender. Accept this season of life. Know your limits.

Let it be imperfect. But let it be good.

A commitment of 15 minutes, to a plan that’s already been made for you?? Say yes!

What's Inside

The Dinnertime Survival Guide is a 6-week meal plan

With healthy, toddler-friendly dinners for Monday through Friday

I leave Saturday and Sunday open for eating out, with friends/family, or a weekly family favorite meal.

(1) There are 30 meals, all that you can make in about 15 minutes each, start to finish!


Product recommendations: I give you my top choices (both for nutrition and taste) for convenience products

  • This is in addition to the meal plan! I wanted you to have other options for quick easy meals for the kids
  • Including: pizza, frozen mac and cheese, fries, hot dogs, chicken nuggets, vegetarian protein alternatives like veggie burgers, and more

You don’t have to follow the plan exactly; but if you want to, it’s there for you to!

If you’re thinking, “I just need ideas for nights that I need something EXTRA fast” – then you’re going to love it too.

(2) I also show you how to make this work for a picky eater – even if you don’t think they’ll eat the meal!

Each week has a visual meal plan, including images of the ingredients to buy (so you can easily use this as a grocery list) with the recipes

  • Printer-friendly: all recipes for the week are on one page, so you can have just one paper print out to get you through the week
Is my toddler overweight?
When I tell you that my husband is COMPLETELY incompetent in the kitchen… well, he can boil pasta, grill chicken, and make eggs… but otherwise, he would pretty much survive on cereal and Chipotle if he was in charge of meals.
The fact that he looked at this meal plan and said, “I think I could do this if you weren’t around for dinner.” …
My jaw, on the floor. And that made me realize, this is EXACTLY what moms in this season of life need. Something so simple, that even on nights when you have NOTHING left in the tank, you can still take just a few minutes to throw something on the table, and feel pretty dang good about it being a healthy and well balanced meal.

Free Bonus

Get a FREE PDF with my top healthy grab-and-go breakfast ideas for toddlers
when you purchase the Dinnertime Survival Guide
And who knows, maybe a quicker breakfast will mean you can actually drink your coffee…hot??


Is this meant for the whole family, or just kids?

It’s meant for the whole family, but you can also use it for just the kids if that works better for you. The meals are kid-friendly, but still meant to be satisfying to an adult as well. It’s also PERFECT for nights that there’s just one parent eating at home, or grandparents or a babysitter is taking care of dinner.

Will the guide work for us if we're gluten free or dairy free?

Yes, and there is a product page that includes freezer items that are allergen friendly. You will need to make some substitutions to the recipes, like subbing in gluten free bread for example, or subbing in dairy free cheese (or omit it).

Will the guide work for us if we're egg-free?

Yes. There are only two recipes that use eggs and you can skip these or use an egg substitute.

Will the guide work for us if we're nut-free?

Always double check your products, I can’t guarantee all the ones I recommend are nut-free, but you should be able to make all of the recipes in the guide.

I live in Canada - will this work for me?

I think so! You’ll just need to find comparable items there – the product recommendations won’t all be available to you in Canada, but you should be able to make most of the meals without a problem.

Does it have a lot of processed foods?

The guide does include convenience foods (like some frozen or packaged options) but I picked the healthiest choices for you! It’s mainly a mix of fresh, frozen, and convenience items in the meal plan.

We're vegetarian - will this work?

There are 17 vegetarian meals (however, the meat options can be substituted for vegetarian if you’re okay with having to make a substitution, like a veggie burger in place of chicken, for example.)

We have a fish allergy in our house - will it work for us?

There are 4 meals with fish (shellfish and fin fish) so you can skip those (or sub in a different protein).

How much beef is included?

There are 3 red meat options in the whole guide.

My little one is under 12 months -- is this okay for them?

The only thing that would be a consideration is the sodium content in some of the packaged/frozen items. If they eat mostly homemade foods with no added salt it should be fine! I include low sodium options as much as possible in the guide.

About Me

Hi! I’m Kacie Barnes.

I’m a pediatric nutrition expert, and I love helping moms make feeding their little ones easier and less stressful.

Even as a Registered Dietitian who lives and breathes food and nutrition – I still find it really challenging to feed my kids!

Between the constant demands, the whining, the picky eating, and the little time I have to be in the kitchen – it feels stressful to me, too.

That’s why I’m constantly working to SIMPLIFY and take anything off our long mom list of to-dos.

Setting up our kids with healthy habits that they will take with them throughout their lifetime is a huge priority for me. (And when I say “our kids”…I mean yours too!)

It’s a hard job – raising these littles! So I hope I can take away a little bit of the mom worry, the mom guilt, and the stress over whether you’re doing the right thing for your kids.