Are you so over picky eating?

Break away from the rut of making the same few things over and over (and over). No more feeling defeated by your picky eater.

Learn how to get them to eat the foods you actually want them to eat. (Like veggies!)


And follow my specific strategies so you all can have just one meal at dinner.

The next round starts February 8th. Will you join me?

Do you feel like you...

Have no control over your picky eater

have guilt about the foods they eat

give in to their demands

I’ll be honest.

It’s embarrassing to admit I struggled with Teddy’s picky eating.

Will people think I can’t help them, if my son isn’t a perfect eater??


I’ll see moms on Instagram whose kids regularly eat vegetables for breakfast. I’d fall backwards over my chair if I saw my son eat a vegetable for breakfast!


But rather than let that make me feel like a failure, I remind myself that,

  1. Most kids don’t eat vegetables for breakfast. Don’t hold yourself to that standard.
  2. Picky eating has a genetic component. No matter what you or I have done or haven’t done in the past, a big part of picky eating isn’t our fault.

And because it’s been hard for me, it’s been a gift to the families I work with. Because it made me determined to discover solutions that are WAY more effective than the typical picky eating advice. 


Most of the time, this is what happens. You’ll express concern to your pediatrician. And they’ll tell you, “oh, it’s just a phase.” Or, “well, just don’t give them chicken nuggets or mac n cheese. When they get hungry enough, they’ll eat.”

But as a mom who’s been through it myself, I know that advice you hear from them (or from well-meaning friends and family) is not helpful. And it’s not comforting at all, either!

Breaking free from picky eating

Do you feel like you’ve tried to make it better, and nothing has really worked…and it’s just useless at this point? 

To top it off, you’re exhausted. You are constantly doing things for your kids — how are you supposed to find the energy to make cute flower shaped foods or rainbow bento boxes or all those things that are supposed to get kids interested in new foods?? 


What if, instead, you had a simple, straightforward plan that was easy to follow? A plan that doesn’t require a ton of time, or mental energy, or creativity?

Something that could bring back feelings of control at meal times and get you closer to serving just one meal at dinner, that everyone can tolerate, without whining or melting down? And you could feel GOOD about what you served and what they’re eating??

the One Meal Challenge

Uncover the step-by-step approach to get your picky eater out of a rut, AND make just one meal that satisfies the entire family.

Only three weeks stand between you and a future with a more adventurous eater — and no more stress about what they are (not) eating.

We will start on February 8th!

What You'll Get

10-minute daily lesson & challenge

Each day you’ll get a short lesson that uncovers my step-by-step approach to less picky eating and better mealtimes. You’ll put the new principles into action each day — those are your challenges!

There is NO prep ahead required and really only 10 minutes required per day. Results in 10 minutes a day? Yes please!!!

Daily personal support from me

We have a private Instagram page where I’ll answer questions, you can connect with other parents in the same boat, AND I’ll be doing live q&a videos, too.

Bonus: I answered all the frequently asked questions moms had in the last round of the OMC, and included all those answers for you, if there are any topics you need deeper help with.

Your own guidebook

At the end of the program, you’ll get a digital copy of the guidebook that includes everything you learned plus easy one page printables for quick reference, to save you in those moments of, “what did Kacie say to do about this again?”

Main topics we'll cover

Plus more...

  • Money back guarantee: if after the 3 weeks we work together you are left feeling truly dissatisfied, I will refund you 100%.
  • A plan that actually fits into your busy mom life. You will see huge changes in just 3 weeks by only committing to doing ONE thing a day.
  • Invaluable advice that will change the way you approach mealtimes forever.  A mom who reviewed the program said this about one lesson: 
  • You’ll get a FREE Picky Eater Vitamin and Supplement Guide. Confused about what they actually need? I walk you through how to know what they need, along with my top product suggestions.
  • Connect with other moms who are going through the same thing as you and support each other on the private Instagram page.
"I wish someone had told me this 2 years ago - it would have saved me so much mealtime strife. I think if there is anything to take away from this entire challenge, it's this!!!" - Stephanie B.

Wins moms had during the One Meal Challenge:

“I just have to say it’s only been a few days but my kiddo is already eating so much better and is constantly surprising me with what he will try.

I’ve actually gotten him to eat some green things this week! Keep up the good work, it is helping!” – April N.

“Our son (2.5) seems more relaxed at the table and even the other night decided to eat his entire bowl of vegetables for the first time. We were shocked!” – Laura P.

“I’m finding that my most picky one (2.5 yo) is VERY interested in knowing what her sister is eating and has already tried a few things she never tried before. YEYYY!! She is now getting used to the fact that there is no “open buffet” anymore and she is doing well!” – anonymous

“I just wanted to say a big thank you for this program!!! I totally know this is going to happen in baby steps. But I am already seeing a big impact, even with my sensory problem feeder. Thank you!!! My 3 boys all sat for dinner together for a solid 10 minutes today. Maybe even 15!!  ” – Cristina H.

“My pickiest eater ate soup today!! At first she was just playing with it but then she spooned it into her mouth and said, “this is yummy mommy!” A huge win!!” – Julie I.

“So many wins!!! My stress level over food has decreased 1000% already!!” – Jeni G.

Register now. Spots are limited!

To provide the most personalized and individual support in the One Meal Challenge, spots are limited. This will be the only One Meal Challenge in 2020 — make sure you get in!

One Meal challenge


14 daily lessons to reduce picky eating & mealtime stress

Daily group support on the private Instagram page

Free copy of Dinnertime Survival Guide

Live Q&A sessions

One Meal Challenge PDF Guidebook

One meal challenge
+ one on one consult



14 daily lessons to reduce picky eating & mealtime stress

Daily group support on the private Instagram page

Free copy of Dinnertime Survival Guide

Live Q&A sessions

One Meal Challenge PDF Guidebook

PLUS a private 1-hour phone or Zoom consult with Kacie to get personalized advice specific to your child's individual situation