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#46: What You’ve Always Wanted to Know About Beef

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Since beef is something people often think they need to restrict or avoid, I asked special guest & nutrition expert Keli Hawthorne, MS, RD to share what the research says about beef, specifically for young kids!

Keli Hawthorne is a Registered Dietitian and the Director for Clinical Research for the Department of Pediatrics at the Dell Medical School at the University of Texas at Austin. 

In this episode, I asked Keli about:

  • the health benefits of beef and which cuts she recommends 
  • the differences between organic and grass-fed beef
  • how much beef is appropriate for babies and young children, and 
  • how to serve beef to your littles

View the research that supported Keli’s answers here.

This episode was sponsored by Beef Loving Texans, but all opinions expressed are our own! I love for family-friendly recipes, like this Baby Friendly MeatloafSlow Cooker Beef Ragu and this Beefy Taco Casserole.

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