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Get your picky kid to eat more foods

Picky Wins will move your little one away from picky eating, while moving your family towards feeding freedom. Without bribes or miserable mealtimes!


Go from being at a total loss to feeding with confidence

Simple Steps to Picky Wins is the course that teaches you how to reverse picky eating -- right now. With foolproof step-by-step lessons that are quick to watch (or listen) to, and a community of picky eater parents to build you up and cheer you on, it’ll take you from confused, lonely, and at a total loss to confident and supported with a rock-solid plan.

You didn’t think your life would be controlled by chicken nuggets and mac and cheese. I didn’t either. But as a dietitian and picky eater mom myself, I want you to know there’s a way out!

Brooke B. says:

"As a FTM to an ever-changing toddler, I am constantly learning with Simple Steps to Picky Wins.

I'm so thankful for this tool to bring back joy at mealtime!"

For parents working so hard to feed their picky eaters

I see you! And I get how hard this is. Because I’ve been there, too:

"My stress level over food has decreased 1000%!!!" - Jeni G.

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Reverse picky eating, get your child to explore new foods & prevent younger siblings from becoming majorly picky

Using research-backed strategies that I love as a pediatric dietitian, and toddler-approved tricks I love as a picky eater mom. Broken down one tip, one food, one meal at a time.

Picky eater tested. Dietitian & mom approved.


Hi! I’m Kacie. And as the mom of a previously extremely picky eater, I know this might sound too good to be true. I’m sure you’ve tried a lot of things before without success. And you’re right to be skeptical of all the “easy” tips out there that simply DON’T work, like:

If they like french fries, try carrot sticks!” or “When she’s hungry enough, she’ll eat whatever you make!

But I promise you, Simple Steps to Picky Wins is NOT that. The methods I teach involve zero force, pressure, punishment, bribes, or other, outdated (and ineffective) methods.

Using simple, realistic, research-based strategies and simple, progressive steps, we meet your child where they’re at and begin to move them forward. And, it works. Even if they currently won’t even look at a vegetable!

Kacie Barnes


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Picky eater parenting is....complicated.
Picky Wins makes progress simple!

Picky Wins is the roadmap to improve their eating, alongside the support from parents who are on the same journey. This way, you not only have the tools, you have a cheer squad, too!

in picky wins, all it takes is 3 modules broken into bite-size pieces…

module 01.

Healthy & happy mealtime secrets

How to break them away from their few favorites, and get them to actually eat at mealtime. Steal my hacks!

module 02.

Get them to try new food
(for real.)

The no-bribe, no-stress tools to get them interested (and excited) about new foods! Even for kids who look into your soul and say, “NO” when you try offering them something new.

module 03.

All the things you DON'T have to do

DO less, GET more wins. When you know exactly where to put your energy, you get more success with their eating! It’s kind of a miracle.

Get your little one to stop going into hulk mode when you introduce new foods!

By the end of this program, you will…

No more struggling, worrying, or wasting time.

Make this the year you take your kitchen, your grocery list and your family dinners back!

When you implement my proven system, you’ll see BIG results.


"It hasn’t even been 3 months and my son is eating all kinds of foods that he previously wouldn’t even touch!!! I wish I could have found this program/advice sooner because it has been so immensely helpful to us.

It’s the help and direction I always wished I had when I felt helpless to get my son to eat better.

Nothing had worked to improve his eating until this!"

Imagine: dinner with a side of calm



I know it’s been so long since mealtimes felt like anything less than battlefields, but I want you to know that it’s 100% possible for you. I know because I’ve been there, too.

I'm Kacie Barnes.

I’m a pediatric Registered Dietitian Nutritionist, eternal realist, and most importantly, I’m a mom to a previously extremely picky eater. 

Teddy was my “garbage disposal” baby—he ate everything. I was feeling good. But everything changed when he turned 2. He started turning his nose up at all the foods he used to love. I felt so frustrated and disappointed watching the number of foods he liked go down and down.

So, I tried it all. Everything that I was already coaching parents through, I did with my own kid.  I used every tool I had: my education, nutrition knowledge, and my experience working with clients. And, you know what? It worked! Better than I even expected it to.

Now that we’re (mostly) on the other side of picky eating, all I want to do is help other moms who are tired of feeling guilty about what their little one eats. I took what I know as a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist and paired it with what I learned from my experience as a picky eater mom to create Picky Wins and end the mealtime battle of wills for good.

I can’t wait for you to see how different it feels when you have the tools you need to tackle picky eating. One food, one meal, one lesson at a time!

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If you're ready to go from feeling like you're failing to feeling great about their eating, Picky Wins is for you!

I was right there, too: Convinced I broke my perfect-eater baby. But today, I’m on the other side.

Let me help you cut yourself some slack as you up your confidence & their list of liked foods. You didn’t think your life would be controlled by Pirate's Booty and mac and cheese. I didn’t either. But as a dietitian and picky eater mom myself, I want you to know there’s a way out!

Doable daily steps even the busiest of parents can take


Simple Steps

You’re already making multiple meals and parenting a toddler, which deserves a trophy. For your sake, I made these steps simple. But they still add up to big results!


In Under 3 Hours

Move through the Picky Wins lessons at your own pace, or blaze through in half a day! Choose to watch or listen to the lessons, whichever works best for you.


Start Seeing Results

As soon as you learn, you get to implement! And it’s okay if life gets in the way — you don’t need every meal to be perfect to see the wins you’re looking for.


You might be wondering…

I designed this program specifically for picky eaters between 1 and 6 years old, but I’ve had families with older children participate who still really benefit from it.
If you’re worried about your 1 year old being too young, don’t be! So many parents reach out to me wishing they started addressing picky eating sooner. You’re in a great place to make strides and establish good habits when they’re young.
I was in that boat, too! You’ll get great results for your picky eater and the tips and strategies you’ll learn will only help your other eater to continue trying new things! And, you can easily do all the activities and exercises with the whole family. If your adventurous eater is older, you may want to tell them you’re trying some new things to help their sibling learn about new foods, so they understand. If your pickier eater is the older one, you’re in a fantastic spot – because you can now prevent the younger one(s) from copying their picky behaviors.
Yes, there is no requirement that they HAVE to try specific foods within Picky Wins, so it’s totally fine if certain foods are off limits. I do not push you to feed your child meat or dairy if you don’t want to.
You are in the right place, because you can move through this at your own pace. You don’t have to follow a specific meal plan. You will start slowly! But if you do have concerns that they may have difficulty chewing or swallowing, have frequent gagging, are not gaining weight, or any other health concerns, please consult first with your pediatrician to address any possible issues, and potentially seek an evaluation with a pediatric SLP who specializes in feeding.

I get it! There are 3 modules in the course, each is under 1 hour. There is no fluff – it is all actionable steps to get you moving forward asap. The difference between working through Picky Wins and scrolling through some tips on Instagram is that this is a specific, targeted approach where you will implement both big picture changes and small, daily changes that keep moving you forward. Plus if you’re the type who needs accountability, THIS is where you’ll get it.

Yes, you can certainly still see results with Picky Wins. You are going to get helpful tools to help expand their diet, make up for nutrition gaps, and get better results when you introduce new foods.
Yeah! There are some fantastic feeding therapists out there, but feeding therapy doesn’t always succeed. That does NOT mean there is no hope for your child. Sometimes the therapy doesn’t properly support you to be successful, and sometimes the approach isn’t right for your child. It’s the same way that there are several different sleep training or potty training approaches, and different ones work for different families. Sometimes you just need a new approach. I am not a feeding therapist, I’m a dietitian, so I come at it from a different perspective.

You don’t have to pick just one or the other. You can do a feeding therapy evaluation to see what they say about your child, and maybe even do some sessions with them. They don’t have the nutrition background or experience to ensure your child gets a balanced diet. I don’t have the feeding mechanics background that a trained SLP or OT who specializes in feeding has. If you’re curious if your child should do a feeding therapy evaluation, take this quiz. 

Yes! They can log into the membership platform as well. They are welcome to join the Facebook group, too! 

No, you don’t need Facebook to access any of the course materials. You only need Facebook to access the parents group. 

Happiness Guarantee

We're behind you 100%!

I proudly stand behind = Picky Wins. I’m sure your family will love it!

But if within 7 days, you aren’t 100% happy with Picky Wins, just send me an email and I’ll give you your money back. Simple as that!

While I can’t guarantee your child will eat 100 new foods tomorrow (or within a month), I can guarantee your satisfaction with the quality of the material, the templates, and the training inside Picky Wins.

We're redefining the happy meal!


Picky Eating Stress

Family Feeding Success

Your toddler gags or flips out at the sight of a new or unliked food on their plate.

You introduce new foods on the regular, and mealtimes stay calm and meltdown-free.
They’re stuck on the same few foods—maybe even stuck on ONE brand!
They’re more adaptable, accepting different brands, foods, and flavors.
No one is happy unless dinner is nuggets, pizza, or pasta.
Everyone can eat and is happy with at least something on the plate, each night.
Avoiding or hyper-controlling daycare feedings, play dates, restaurants and holiday meals, for fear of a meltdown.
Trusting that you and your toddler can navigate food drama-free, no matter the setting or the menu.
Doubting, second-guessing, and judging yourself (or being judged) on the regular.
Knowing that what you’re doing is right, for you, your family, and your toddler.


Hasn't picky eating controlled your life long enough?

It’s time you finally got your sanity, your grocery list, and your happy family dinners back!

Simple Steps to Picky Wins is a simple, straightforward plan that gets your toddler eating new foods. Without requiring a ton of time, mental energy, or creativity on your part.

It will help you get back your sense of control at meal times, by serving just one meal (other than nuggets!) that everyone can tolerate without whining or melting down.

And, it’ll help you feel GOOD—about yourself, the food you serve, your role as parent and food-giver, and about the nutrition they’re getting each day.

If you’re ready to go BEYOND mac and cheese, you’re in the right place. I’d love for you to get Picky Wins!

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