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Is there anything more *frustrating* or exhausting than trying to feed your picky eater?

I’m gonna go with no! Because, you know the drill:

...and you try to stay strong, but in the end, you give in—to survive and stay sane.

You Need The Picky Eating To Stop or At Least Get Better. (But validation, guidance, and a confidence boost wouldn’t hurt either!)


Kickstart Picky Wins Is Your First Step To Upping Your Feeding Confidence & Getting Your Picky Eater To Try New Foods.

This FREE 5-day email challenge gives you mama support, research-backed feeding info, and one simple feeding challenge to try with your picky eater each day.


Small, Daily, Research-Backed Shifts Any Parent Can Make

I’m sure you’ve heard ALL the opinions from people who want you to tough out picky eating, like:

“If he likes french fries, just try carrot sticks!” or “When she’s hungry enough, she’ll eat what you make!”

And, since you’re here right now, I’m assuming those didn’t work. Maybe force just doesn’t feel right, or you can’t muster the energy for a mealtime battle of wills after long days at work. (Who could?!) But, here’s the thing:

It’s Not You, Mama. It’s All That Outdated Advice!
When you join us in Kickstart Picky Wins, you’ll learn simple, up-to-date, research-based strategies that meet your child where they’re at, help them move forward, and give you back at least some semblance of feeding control.
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Hi! I'm Kacie Barnes.

I’m a pediatric Registered Dietitian Nutritionist, mom of two, eternal realist, and most importantly, I’m mom to a previously extremely picky eater.

Teddy was my “garbage disposal” baby—he ate everything. I was feeling good. But everything changed when he turned 2. He started turning his nose up at all the foods he used to love. I felt so frustrated and disappointed watching the number of foods he liked go down and down.

So, I tried it all.  I used every tool I had. Everything that I was already coaching parents through, I did with my own kid. And, you know what? It worked! Better than I even expected it to.

Now that we’re (mostly) on the other side of picky eating, all I want to do is help other moms like you, who are tired of feeling guilty about what their little one eats. 

I can’t wait for you to see how different it feels when you have the tools you need to put picky eating back in its place!


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I know that if you love and see success from the tips I share in this email challenge, you’ll love my full picky eater course, Simple Steps to Picky Wins, too. So in case you want more after our 5 days together are done, just for signing up for this email challenge, you’ll get $50 off my course! That takes the price of the course from $129 to just $79!

(AKA the amount you spend on chicken nuggets every month 😂)

Kickstart Your Journey With Daily Picky Wins!

What are you waiting for, mama? Unlike deciding what on earth you’re gonna serve your picky eater tonight, this free email challenge is a total no brainer!

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