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Healthy meals kids will actually eat...
(and you have time to make!)

Throw-together recipes, nutrition shortcuts & better convenience foods to help you survive the never-ending cycle of meals and snacks!

The work is endless

Preparing meals and snacks each day is one of the most demanding parts of parenthood. Planning, shopping, cooking, cleaning up, being a human snack dispenser…some weeks, it just feels like too much.

(When I say ‘some weeks’ I mean 50 out of 52!)

Little kids are ruthless

You’d think that putting so much love and effort into feeding your family would guarantee success, right?! Wrong!

I’m pretty sure their little noses smell our food desperation. They’re like…

“Mom tried hard? Hold my juice box! I’m going IN!”

And it’s totally thankless

For all that work, you get “thanked” by them taking 2 bites and throwing the rest on the floor.

Or coming home with an untouched lunch.

Or the fun surprise that their favorite meal yesterday will no longer be tolerated as of today.

It's enough to make you want to give up
and get fast food every night.



But you do care about what they eat each day. So alone and unthanked, you venture back to Target and start the cycle over again.

Or at least that’s what you did, until now!


Throw-together recipes, nutrition shortcuts & better convenience foods.

To help you survive the never-ending cycle of meals and snacks!

For parents who don’t have ALL DAY for breakfast, lunch & dinner!

Low & No-Prep Meals

Throw together a simple meal or assemble a relatively balanced place in a matter of minutes.

Picky-Eater Friendly

I teach you to buy the basics and put them together. Just choose the basics your picky eater will eat!

Better Convenience Foods

Easily swap in more nutritious versions of the foods your kids love.

No Label-Reading Required!

I give you photos of the exact products you need, to save you time and brain space!

Know what to feed them & exactly what to buy

No more guessing, buying the wrong stuff, or reading tons of nutrition labels!
Get “fast” food every night!


Quick & Filling Meals for Drama-Free Mornings


Low-Prep Lunches For Home, Daycare & School


Easy, Healthy Meals That Literally Take Minutes


Packaged Snacks You Can Grab & Feel Good About


Avoid The Sugar Crash. No Baking Required!

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Your Kids’ Dietitian & New Mom Friend

Hey friend, I’m Kacie, a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist (RDN) and mom of 2. I’m here to help you feed your family without stress, guilt, or chaos!

I started Mama Knows to help you make cooking, grocery shopping, and kids’ nutrition a little simpler. With shortcuts to healthy, kid-friendly meals that are easy on you, I know this guide will make one of the most demanding parts of parenthood feel a little easier.

Nutritious meals you just toss in the oven, plate, or mix up!


Throw-Together Meals & Plates

When you need a healthy meal on the table fast, a 10-step recipe doesn’t cut it! Get tons of ideas you can quickly prepare. Mix, heat, toss, and serve!

Pantry & Freezer Shortcuts

Nothing wrong with pasta and frozen fries! But if they’re staples, why not pick the ones with the most nutrition?

Grocery Store Time-Savers

Photos of the exact products I shop for let you easily find better versions of the foods your kids love. No label-reading required!

Healthy, Packaged Kid Snacks

As easy as Goldfish, but a little more nutritious! Get my complete list of healthy packaged snacks you can easily toss to your kids in the back seat.


Everything you need to survive the never-ending cycle of meals & snacks


  • How To Build A Balanced Breakfast
  • Guide to Yogurt, Milk & Breakfast Meats
  • Healthy, Grab & Go Breakfasts
  • Kid-Friendly Egg Ideas
  • Kacie’s Favorite Brands: Cereal, Oatmeal, Pancakes, Bread, Bars & More
  • Mix & Match Smoothie Formula + Recipes
  • Low-Prep Breakfast Ideas


  • Lunch Building Blocks Cheat Sheet
  • Budget-Friendly Lunch
  • 10 Easy, At-Home Lunch
  • 7 Low-Prep Lunch Ideas
  • Guide To Lunch Meats & Sandwich Fillers

  • 1-Week of Packed Lunches in 15 Minutes
  • Best Grab & Go Lunch Foods
  • Kacie’s 5 Favorite Go-To Lunches


  • How To Build A Balanced Plate

  • Pictures of Plated Kid-Friendly Dinners
  • 29 Throw-Together Meals for Busy Weeknights
  • “Heat & Eat” Dinner Ideas
  • Kacie’s Favorite Brands: Nuggets, Hot Dogs, Fries, Frozen Pizza & More

BONUS! Sweet Treat Cheat Sheet

I’ve also included my Sweet Treat Cheat Sheet… so literally everything you need to feed your family is in one convenient place.

Sneak A Peek Inside The Guide!

Get Tons of Throw-Together Meals Like These:

Get good food in them. Food they’ll actually eat!
Without burning out in the process.

Get the Meal & Snack Survival Guide!

Only $35

This Guide is perfect if you…

“Maaaamaaa!! Can I have a snaaack?!”

The meals are kid-friendly, but still meant to be satisfying to an adult as well. It’s also PERFECT for times that there’s just one parent eating at home, or grandparents or a babysitter is taking care of meals. The snacks are more kid-focused.
You will get plenty of ideas, but you will still need to check products to ensure they are free of any allergens you must avoid. Manufacturing changes prevents us from keeping an up-to-date list of allergy-friendly products.
Always double-check your products, I can’t guarantee all the ones I recommend are nut-free, but you should be able to make all of the recipes in the guide.
Only if you want to. The majority of the ideas I suggest don’t involve any cooking! If you can heat things up, chop a few things, and put food on a plate – you can do all of this easily (and quickly).
The specific products I recommend likely will not be available outside the US. It may be frustrating to see all these things that you can’t get in your store.
The guide does include convenience foods (like some frozen or packaged options) but I picked the healthiest choices for you! It’s mainly a mix of fresh, frozen, and convenience items in the meal plan.
I review the combination of taste, nutrition, and convenience in each category to find my top recommendations for you. My goal is to help you boost their nutrition each day while still getting foods that they will like, and you have time to prepare.
Yes! It’s not 100% vegetarian, but there are LOTS of meat-free options here. (And, the meat options can be substituted for vegetarian, like a veggie burger in place of chicken, for example.)

This is primarily meant for children 1+. If you are starting solids, check out my free Simply Solids Guide!

Yes, this is a digital resource! The Meal & Snack Survival Guide was designed to be easily accessed on a computer or mobile device. The guide includes an index that allows you to easily navigate back and forth through the guide.

If you prefer to print the guide, instructions on how to print are included, along with a recommended printing service if you prefer to order a copy from a printer. There is also a print-optimized black and white copy available with your purchase.


Easy, healthy meals to get you through the week

When it comes to feeding families, most of us are just trying to survive—let alone thrive! It’s more nuggets than it is Pinterest-perfect dinners. Let’s normalize that! It’s okay to care what they eat. I care, too! But we feed our families all the time, all day long! So let’s do whatever we need to do to make it sustainable. And while we’re at it, let’s introduce the versions of ourselves who plan the meals and groceries to the ones who have to cook dinner each night. Because I swear some weeks they’re 2 different people!

Grab The Meal & Snack Survival Guide!

Only $35


You deserve this help!

The Meal & Snack Survival Guide was designed to take feeding stress off your plate. By mamas who know exactly how hard you work each week. And how nice it would be to have help!

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