No Sugar, Still Sweet

A whole e-book dedicated to no-added-sugar recipes, sweetened ONLY with fruit. Made for the health of your little one, and for your peace of mind.


Try new recipes that your little one will love - without any sugar added!


Easily reduce added sugar in your little one's day and get no-added-sugar snack ideas


Skip the time searching google for recipes that are actually healthy

What moms are saying

No Sugar Still Sweet is fabulous! I can’t wait to try the delicious looking recipes with my daughter, and I also love the no added sugar snack list which you can take right to the grocery store. Practical and easy to understand. I love it!! - Kelly D.

This is such a fantastic resource! It covers everything! I especially love the natural added sugars part, and the sample menus! I can't wait to make the recipes! - Christina L.

I love this e-book!! I especially love the no added sugar snack ideas and RECIPES! As a busy mom of an 18 month old, this is a great resource to help make feeding my daughter easier. Everything in here is super helpful. The snack ideas and all the recipes are the biggest highlights for me- I can't get that anywhere else! - Jenna T.

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Allergen Friendly

Easy swaps to make most recipes allergy-friendly

Gluten-free: 12 recipes

Egg-free: 12 recipes

Nut-free: 10 recipes

Dairy-free: 13 recipes

Free of all: 7 recipes

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More than just a cookbook

Learn which sugars are okay to eat, how much is okay for your little one, easy no-added-sugar snack ideas, a sugar-reducing cheat sheet, and more!

Recipes designed for your baby and toddler

Setting them up for a lifetime of healthy eating starts now


  • added sugar is not a required nutrient for their body- make sure they get the proper nutrition to grow and develop
  • prevent tooth decay
  • set their tastes for healthy foods
  • reduce risk for future health issues

Why Kacie is so passionate about no-added-sugar recipes

See what's in "No Sugar, Still Sweet"

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