Dinner bundle: Simply Satisfying Meals PLUS Dinnertime Survival Guide

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Simply Satisfying Meals and the Dinnertime Survival Guide come together to simplify dinnertime with tasty, family-friendly meals that are healthy AND easy.

None of these meals will leave you with a sink full of dishes to clean. All of these meals will reduce the amount of energy and stress that goes into feeding your family night after night.

What’s the difference between Simply Satisfying Meals and the Dinnertime Survival Guide?

Simply Satisfying Meals is a true cookbook. There are 30 dinner recipes expertly created by Recipe Developer and cookbook author Heather Staller, in collaboration with Kacie’s input and guidelines as a Registered Dietitian. The meals have varying “lazy levels” from 1 to 3, based on how much hands-on time is required. But let me assure you, even the most involved recipes in Simply Satisfying Meals are still easier than most of the recipes you’ll find! There is no standing over the stove or managing multiple components. We stuck to crockpot, instant pot, sheet pan, and one pot meals. There’s not a ton of ingredients in each recipe, and no specialty ingredients, to keep things simple for you, and help keep grocery budgets down.

The Dinnertime Survival Guide is for the nights where you really only have 15 minutes max to throw something together, and you’re going to rely on some shortcut products. There’s practically zero prep work involved. This will save you from getting takeout that you didn’t really want to spend the money on. It’ll save your sanity when you are SO TIRED and really can’t handle cooking at all. It’s picky eater friendly (though Simply Satisfying Meals is, too) and you’ll get all of Kacie’s top product recommendations for healthier swaps.

Both SSM and DSG are designed to feed the whole family, but the DSG has ideas so simple and easy that you could definitely make these meals for just the little ones in the house if you have something else planned for dinner for the adults (a date night sounds amazing!). Or another caregiver (grandparent, babysitter, etc.) could 100% make DSG meals — even if they are pretty uncomfortable in the kitchen.





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