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Dinnertime Survival Guide

Dinner bundle: Simply Satisfying Meals PLUS Dinnertime Survival Guide


Simply Satisfying Meals and the Dinnertime Survival Guide come together to simplify dinnertime with tasty, family-friendly meals that are healthy AND easy.

None of these meals will leave you with a sink full of dishes to clean. All of these meals will reduce the amount of energy and stress that goes into feeding your family night after night.


About this Product:

All the easiest meals for your busy life with young kids. Get the Dinnertime Survival Guide AND the new Simply Satisfying Meals, together!

You want easy recipes that will help you cook even when you just can’t. With Simply Satisfying Meals, you’ll:

  • Have easy dinners with short ingredients lists and easy steps
  • Healthy meals that only require a sheet pan, pot, crockpot, or instant pot
  • Delicious meals that everyone in your family will love (yes, even your picky toddler and food-loving husband)
  • A recipe you can throw together and walk away from while it cooks
  • Picky eater tips with every recipe to adapt it for your little one…all without the stress and mess.

With the Dinnertime Survival Guide, you can make satisfying, healthy, balanced meals, that your kids will like.

  • You’ll get a 6-week meal plan with healthy, toddler-friendly dinners for Monday through Friday!
  • The guide is designed for kiddos age 1 and up.
  • Saturday and Sunday are open for eating out, with friends/family, or a family favorite meal.
  • There are 30 meals total, all that you can make in about 15 minutes each, start to finish!

What's Included

Dinner Time Survival Guide

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Simply Satisfying Meals

You’re getting the combined expertise of a family-focused Recipe Developer and Pediatric Registered Dietitian Nutritionist. We know how to make family-friendly, nutrition-packed recipes that everyone will love. Plus, there are notes on every recipe to help your picky eaters enjoy the meals, as well!

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Simply Satisfying Meals

I love your Dinnertime Survival Guide. Is this like the Dinnertime Survival Guide?

The Dinnertime Survival Guide has shortcut healthy recipes that you can get on the table in 15 minutes or less. Total weeknight lifesaver. The recipes in Simply Satisfying Meals are for nights when you have a little bit more time. There’s a little bit more prep, a little longer cooking time — still majorly doable even when you’re tired or low on motivation.

Will this work if we have food allergies?

This cookbook is allergen friendly! Even if your family has multiple food allergies to navigate, you should be easily able to make substitutions. There are 4 recipes that would be difficult to make dairy free due to the cheese incorporated in the dish. For more allergen info please email

What if I don’t have an instant pot?

13 of the instant pot recipes also have instructions to cook in a slow cooker. But I’d also recommend purchasing an instant pot– for those days you can’t plan ahead with the slow cooker, it’s a lifesaver. I think about saving money on takeout and that takes care of the cost of the instant pot pretty quickly!

Learn more about Simply Satisfying meals here.

Dinnertime Survival Guide

Is this meant for the whole family, or just kids?

It’s meant for the whole family, but you can also use it for just the kids if that works better for you. The meals are kid-friendly, but still meant to be satisfying to an adult as well. It’s also PERFECT for nights that there’s just one parent eating at home, or grandparents or a babysitter is taking care of dinner.

Will the guide work for us if we’re gluten free or dairy free?

Yes, and there is a product page that includes freezer items that are allergen friendly. You will need to make some substitutions to the recipes, like subbing in gluten free bread for example, or subbing in dairy free cheese (or omit it).

Will the guide work for us if we’re egg-free?

Yes. There are only two recipes that use eggs and you can skip these or use an egg substitute.

Will the guide work for us if we’re nut-free?

Always double check your products, I can’t guarantee all the ones I recommend are nut-free, but you should be able to make all of the recipes in the guide.

We don’t live in the USA, will the guide work for me?

The specific products I recommend likely will not be available outside the US. It may be frustrating to see all these things that you can’t get in your store.

Does it have a lot of processed foods?

The guide does include convenience foods (like some frozen or packaged options) but I picked the healthiest choices for you! It’s mainly a mix of fresh, frozen, and convenience items in the meal plan.

We eat vegetarian – will this work?

There are 17 vegetarian meals (however, the meat options can be substituted for vegetarian if you’re okay with having to make a substitution, like a veggie burger in place of chicken, for example.)

We have a fish allergy in our house – will it work for us?

There are 4 meals with fish (shellfish and fin fish) so you can skip those (or sub in a different protein).

How much beef is included?

There are 3 red meat options in the whole guide.

My little one is under 12 months — is this okay for them?

The only thing that would be a consideration is the sodium content in some of the packaged/frozen items. If they eat mostly homemade foods with no added salt it should be fine to include the meals in the guide some days. I include low sodium options as much as possible in the guide.

Learn more about the Dinnertime Survival Guide here.

What Moms are Saying

I just wanted to say thank you SO much for your awesome, “real life” meal plans. I have spent hundreds of dollars on so-called easy/quick/”every kid will love” meal plans and cookbooks, just to send up spending wayyy too much time in the kitchen and listening to my 5 yo complain that she didn’t like the food anyway. Sigh. I swore that I was never going to buy any plans or books again, but I decided to give your dinner (and lunch!) plans a try, and it was the best $20 I’ve ever spent. Easy to follow instructions, and my picky eater (and her almost as-picky little sister) loved the food! You’re awesome! PS My husband and I ate the same meals, so they definitely work well for the whole family!

Susan M.

“Simply Satisfying Meals has come at the perfect time for me. I’ve been feeling overwhelmed about how to feed my toddler healthy and yummy foods, with zero cooking skills myself. My husband works late nights and I needed some ideas that had minimal prep and clean-up, the “lazy levels” are amazing for that! The sheet pan and slow cooker meals are particularly great for my family. I appreciate the meal plan and shopping list, as well as the fact that the recipes don’t make you buy new ingredients for every single meal. I am looking forward to trying everything in the book.”

Cailey from Sydney, Australia

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Meet Kacie Barnes MCN, RDN, LD

I make feeding babies, toddlers and preschoolers easier and less stressful!

Deciding to become a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist was a big undertaking but I’m so grateful I did it. I wanted to be a trusted resource for parents who just want to know how to navigate feeding their kids. So if you’re looking for help that actually works in the real world, you’re in the right place.

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