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Simply Satisfying Meals

30 stress-free dinners to feed the whole family, with barely any clean up!

Feeding your family just got a lot easier with Simply Satisfying Meals.

Hey, mama. How are you feeling about dinner tonight?

You want to cook ONE meal that everyone will love, but the thought of pulling out the pots and pans leaves you exhausted. 

You’ve been rocking your messy bun for days while holding your toddler non-stop to avoid the tantrums, and the last thing you want to do is cook an elaborate meal and spend hours cleaning up after.

You want easy recipes that will help you cook even when you just can’t.

With Simply Satisfying Meals, you'll:

...all without the stress and mess.

ONLY $16

Simply Satisfying Meals isn't just another cookbook.

You're getting the combined expertise of a family-focused Recipe Developer and Pediatric Registered Dietitian Nutritionist.

We know how to make family-friendly, nutrition-packed recipes that everyone will love.

Plus, there are notes on every recipe to help your picky eaters enjoy the meals, as well!

You and your family are going to LOVE these recipes!

Okay... these all look amazing.
Are you sure they are easy to make?????

I have tested these recipes on busy weeknights at home, with mid-dinner prep butt wipe disruptions, toddler crying, the kids fighting, the dog barking nonstop, no husband home… and I still felt like I could do it. 

Of course it takes a little longer when you have all the disruptions, but what DOESN’T take longer when you have babies/toddlers/young kids??

Every time, I was grateful that I was able to get a good meal together, could sit down and really enjoy it, and didn’t have a tower of pots and pans to clean afterwards.

Hi! I'm Kacie Barnes, MCN, RDN, LD

As a pediatric Registered Dietitian Nutritionist and mom of two littles, I wanted to bring you a recipe book that would be full of healthy foods, but also EASY for you to get on the table, and be easily adaptable for more selective kiddos.

It usually takes me almost 2x the amount of time a recipe says to actually make it because I'm dealing with my kids at the same time, so I wanted to prioritize hands-off cooking!

Simply Satisfying Meals is perfect for you if you...

… are ready to stop eating out to avoid cooking
… hate having a full sink of dishes after cooking
… become overwhelmed with recipes with too many steps or ingredients
… have the desire to make healthy meals your whole family will actually enjoy

… know your picky eater doesn’t eat everything you make, so you want helpful tips to adapt recipes for them

… want to break out of the chicken nugget rut for your kids but don’t know where to start

And of course, there's a LIMITED TIME BONUS!

Do you feel like you barely even have time to plan out meals?
I've got you covered. Get a one-month dinner plan and weekly grocery list using recipes from Simply Satisfying Meals and the Dinnertime Survival Guide when you purchase SSM!

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What Moms are Saying

“Simply Satisfying Meals has come at the perfect time for me. I’ve been feeling overwhelmed about how to feed my toddler healthy and yummy foods, with zero cooking skills myself. My husband works late nights and I needed some ideas that had minimal prep and clean-up, the “lazy levels” are amazing for that! The sheet pan and slow cooker meals are particularly great for my family. I appreciate the meal plan and shopping list, as well as the fact that the recipes don’t make you buy new ingredients for every single meal. I am looking forward to trying everything in the book.”  -Cailey from Sydney, Australia


“So excited to have some new meals for our rotation. I’m pregnant and have a toddler and my energy is at an all time low. I’ve already picked out some meals to try this week and got my curbside order in! I looked through most the recipe directions and they’re super doable. The tips and tricks are an added bonus too. I never buy cook books, but I’m so glad I decided to give this one a try.”  – Alyssa A.

“It is incredibly amazing to have something like this during these tough times. For me cooking was one of the things that became a burden during the pandemic. And I lost my love for cooking, my interest in nice food, my appetite. I have a 5yo and a 2yo and we’ve been home for an entire year now. I work mostly remotely and I haven’t sent the kids to KG since it all started. So dedicating my time to keep them happy and respond to their needs has been tiring. Cooking was one thing that suffered, I mostly don’t enjoy it anymore. So buying the book has given me hope. I came across it through the lovely Heather, who’s recipes I tried and loved so I thought I’d give it a try. 

I can already say it gave my confidence in the kitchen a huge boost and just browsing got very excited that the meals will be loved by my whole family. I absolutely love the baby/toddler/adult presentation of the recipes. Such a small and clever detail. I like the simplicity of the cooking process and the ingenuity of making something so delicious and appetizing with minimal effort.”  – Alexandra F.

“The recipes I’ve tried from the Simply Satisfying Meals ebook have been delicious, healthy, and great for leftovers the next day. Can’t wait to try more!”  -Breana

“I love what I see! I love that there are pictures for each recipe, including pictures of kids’ plates and not just the composed dish. The picky eater tips are super helpful. I’m really glad to have some ideas of how I can serve a dish to my picky eater while also really enjoying it myself. Looking forward to trying recipes soon! Thanks so much for this!”   – Grayson D.

“My 16 month old son was recently diagnosed with food allergies and we are in the process of dairy elimination. I downloaded this cookbook as soon as possible and was over the moon to find the vegan section! It is SO helpful to find simple, healthy recipes that my son can actually eat! Being a new mom to a toddler with food aversions and allergies is not easy. I just finished shopping and cannot wait to start cooking. The recipes are simple but look perfect for our family. Thank you for your work on the book! It’s great!”   -Allison 

Love these super simple and fast dinners! They are well balanced and enjoyable for the whole family. A particular favorite has been the spaghetti and meatballs. I love how the spinach was almost hidden and blended right in. My very picky two year old and four year old ate a healthy serving without even realizing they were getting spinach!” – Claire

Frequently Asked Questions about the Simply Satisfying Meals

The Dinnertime Survival Guide has shortcut healthy recipes that you can get on the table in 15 minutes or less. Total weeknight lifesaver. The recipes in Simply Satisfying Meals are for nights when you have a little bit more time. There’s a little bit more prep, a little longer cooking time — still majorly doable even when you’re tired or low on motivation.

This cookbook is allergen friendly! Even if your family has multiple food allergies to navigate, you should be easily able to make substitutions. There are 4 recipes that would be difficult to make dairy free due to the cheese incorporated in the dish. For more allergen info please email

13 of the instant pot recipes also have instructions to cook in a slow cooker. But I’d also recommend purchasing an instant pot– for those days you can’t plan ahead with the slow cooker, it’s a lifesaver. I think about saving money on takeout and that takes care of the cost of the instant pot pretty quickly!

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