Target Snack Guide

Healthy Toddler Grab-and-Go Snack Guide


Healthy Storebought Snack Guide for Toddlers

.You need healthy, grab and go snacks for your toddler that you can find at Target (or the grocery store) but don’t have time to read the labels on hundreds of boxes in the snack aisles.

This guide shows you the best grab-and-go options you can find in the store,  AND it’s easily viewed from your phone, so you can quickly pull it up in the store and decide what to get.

The products suggested in this guide contain:

  • 7 grams or less of added sugar (but may contain more total sugar from natural fruit sugars)
  • no artificial colors
  • no artificial flavors
  • only real food ingredients

You can feel confident that your little one is still getting good nutrition when you are out running around, without feeling like you have to whip up homemade snacks every time!

There are so many times we are running out the door and I just need to grab something that I can throw in my purse and GO. These are the snacks I grab!