Should you sneak veggies in your kids food? |

Should You Sneak Veggies in Your Kids’ Food?

As parents we want our kids to eat healthy – and that means eating veggies! But what if your kid refuses them? Should you sneak veggies into your kids’ food? 

Maybe they’re out there…but I haven’t met one yet. Have you ever talked to a parent who said, “my goodness, my child just LOVES her vegetables. Beets, collards, turnips, you name it and she just licks up every last bite. Asks for seconds, thirds even. If only I could get her to try a cupcake!”

I think the most common response I get when asking other moms about their kids eating their veggies is an eye roll, hands up in the air, a shrug, and possibly a snort.

So what should we do?


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