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sweet treat cheat sheet

Sweet Treat Cheat Sheet



About this Product:

This is the ultimate unicorn treat list for kids!

These are all the products I love for when you want to give them a treat, but with some more nutrition than the typical sugar-filled desserts.

It’s hard to find those treats that aren’t over-the-top sweet but also aren’t too healthy tasting (I’m looking at you, carrot beet popsicles). 

Psst…this guide has the treats I enjoy on a regular basis, too! 

I don’t know about you… I love to eat dessert. I don’t love how I feel after eating heavy desserts on the regular, though!

These are definitely picks that the whole fam will love and will keep you all on track toward achieving your health goals.

What's Included

I’ll show you exactly which storebought treats to get that are more nutritious and lower in added sugar than their traditional counterparts!

Categories include:

  • cookies
  • candy
  • fruit snacks
  • frozen treats
  • crunchy treats
  • frostings/spreads
  • baking mixes

Here’s a sneak peek of the intro/table of contents page:

Sweet Treat Cheat Sheet Exceprt

What Moms are Saying

As far as your guides go…they are AWESOME!!! I realllllly love that you actually list recommended brands.” – Morgan M.

It makes shopping a breeze! Keep doing what you’re doing, you’re awesome!” – Jillian

The guides are easy to read! I download them on my phone so when I’m at the grocery store I could pull them up and the information is easy to find. Like a cheat sheet. 😊” – Maribel L.

“Your guides make it so simple and easy to know how and what to feed my kids… it truly takes the guesswork out of the monotony of feeding 4 kids with different tastes and preferences. Thank you!!”  – Lizabeth

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