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Online Resources for feeding your little one

Get straightforward guides and nutritious meal plans for feeding infants and toddlers.

No Sugar, Still Sweet
$15.00 $10.00

20+ recipes for breakfast, snacks, and treats with NO added sugar, sweetened only with fruit. Plus, tips on reducing added sugar in their diet. (Ages 10m+)

Simply Satisfying Meals
$16.00 $10.00

A cookbook full of family-friendly, nutrition-packed recipes that everyone will love! These recipes are all low-prep and low-clean up, with the busy & tired mom in mind.

Easy Dinner Bundle
$24.80 $19.00

6 week meal plan with healthy weeknight dinners you can get on the table in 15 minutes or LESS. Picky eater friendly!! (Ages 1+)

Healthy Toddler
Breakfast Guide

Breakfast needs to be easy. In this guide to healthy breakfasts, you’ll find easy to make meals, grab and go options, and tips and tricks to make breakfast the easiest part of your day. (Ages 1+)

Healthy Toddler
Lunch Guide

Take the stress and overwhelm out of lunchtime. Get out of the rut of the same few meals on repeat with this guide! Budget friendly options, no-prep lunches, packed lunches, and more. (Ages 1+)

Survival Guide

6 week meal plan with healthy weeknight dinners you can get on the table in 15 minutes or LESS. Picky eater friendly!! (Ages 1+)
"I swore that I was never going to buy any plans or books again, but I decided to give your dinner (and lunch!) plans a try, and it was the best money I've ever spent. Easy to follow instructions, and my picky eater (and her almost as-picky little sister) loved the food! You're awesome! P.S. My husband and I ate the same meals, so they definitely work well for the whole family!"
Susan M.

Healthy Toddler Snack Guide

Grab and go favorites that you can find at Target or the grocery store, with a nut-free section, too! (Ages 1+)

Simply Solids: A quick guide to starting solids
$15.00 $0.00

Eliminate doubt & feed them well, right from the start with this research-backed guide.
"Kacie, I can't thank you enough for this book. You have put so much thought into the things that really matter, like how much prep will I need to do, what groceries will I need, I don't have to buy specialty items and you even help me navigate my son's picky eating! I also really appreciate that the recipes are balanced meals, so I don't even need to put thought into 'what else am I going to make to go with that?'. Truly amazing!"
Ana R.

Bundle & Save!

Get the dinnertime survival guide for less when you bundle with these other helpful resources.

"The survival guide is amazing. Blends seamlessly for how we eat and gave me so many new ideas for real, veggie-full, real-food meals. I was hopeful I'd get at least one new meal idea out of it, but I got a ton! Thank you! I hope you're working on a round 2."

*LAST CHANCE* Dinner Bundle
$24.80 $19.00

Simply Satisfying Meals and the Dinnertime Survival Guide come together to simplify dinnertime with tasty, family-friendly meals that are healthy AND easy.

Breakfast + Lunch + Dinner Bundle

Purchase this bundle and get all 3 meal guides for 25% off!

Picky Eating

When you’ve gotten to the point where meals are nerve wracking it’s a sign that something needs to change. Check out our best guides to improve picky eating.

Simple Steps to Picky Wins

Get your picky eater to eat more foods without bribes or miserable mealtimes.

Nutrition Instant Consult


Discuss nutrition questions for your child/children. We can help with picky eating, healthy eating advice, concerns about weight, ideas to help meet nutrient needs, starting solids, and other nutrition education. 

"Ya know, I stumbled upon you because another mama instagram recommended you to their followers. Best suggestion ever. Not only has following you given me great suggestions on food to feed my children but you are real. Like real, real. You share your down right motherhood dirt and human moments. It makes me feel like my dirt is normal whereas a lot of other social media folks make me feel like a failure. Thank you!"
Emma H.
"Wow I just ordered your dinnertime survival guide...holy cow is it exactly what I've been looking for. Breakfast bonus additions are great and I know you have lunch ideas in your other guide...snacks too?! Thanks!!!!"

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