Online Resources for feeding your little one

Get straightforward guides and nutritious meal plans for feeding infants and toddlers.

Healthy Toddler
Breakfast Guide

Breakfast needs to be easy. In this guide to healthy breakfasts, you’ll find easy to make meals, grab and go options, and tips and tricks to make breakfast the easiest part of your day. (Ages 1+)

Healthy Toddler
Lunch Guide

Take the stress and overwhelm out of lunchtime. Get out of the rut of the same few meals on repeat with this guide! Budget friendly options, no-prep lunches, packed lunches, and more. (Ages 1+)

Survival Guide

6 week meal plan with healthy weeknight dinners you can get on the table in 15 minutes or LESS. Picky eater friendly!! (Ages 1+)

Healthy Toddler Snack Guide

Grab and go favorites that you can find at Target or the grocery store, with a nut-free section, too! (Ages 1+)

No Sugar, Still Sweet

20+ recipes for breakfast, snacks, and treats with NO added sugar, sweetened only with fruit. Plus, tips on reducing added sugar in their diet. (Ages 10m+)

Simply Solids

Get through the fear of the unknown world of solids, learn exactly how and when to start, understand how to handle gagging & choking, and be ready to move past purees...without freaking out about choking! (Ages 4m-8m)

Nutrition Instant Consult


Get a personalized video recording from Registered Dietitian Nutritionist Kacie Barnes, for parents who want help ASAP. Common reasons to book a consult:

You are…

  • struggling with a picky eater
  • fed up with meal time
  • feeling like nothing is working
  • worried your child is not getting the nutrition they need
  • Hesitant about starting solids and want guidance
“I never write reviews but I just had to this time. I am a nurse that has access to dietitians in my same office but Kacie was even much more thorough than they were with me. She really knows her stuff! I had so many anxieties about how to go about transitioning my son and also his eating but Kacie gave me a peace of mind that I’m now on the right track. Honestly she needs to be in every pedi office & I would have paid what she charges 5 times over. I can’t wait to consult with her again.”
Holly C.
“I felt overwhelmed by my son’s eating challenges. Kacie listened to me, she asked questions, and she understood that a lot of what my son was experiencing was connected, which had never occurred to me. Kacie was able to distill the many examples and anecdotes I was telling her into easy-to-understand tweaks that really changed how I was approaching feeding my child. We implemented her advice straight away, and just in the first two days, we saw marked improvement in his eating, and consequently, his mood. I’m so happy we had Kacie to lean on. It felt like we had a great ally in our corner.”
Ana R.