Simple Steps to Picky Wins


Break away from the habit of the same few foods over and over again. Every time you try to give them a new food, they say NO or push their plate away.

Bring back a sense of control at meal times and get to serve *just one meal* at dinner, that everyone can tolerate, without whining or melting down. (Without that meal having to be nuggets!)

About this Product:

If you’re ready to go from feeling like you’re failing at feeding to feeling GREAT about their eating, but you need someone who’s been there done that to guide the way…I created Simple Steps to Picky Wins for you! Uncover the step-by-step approach to get your picky eater trying new foods, so you can make just one meal that causes zero meltdowns.

Simple Steps to Picky Wins is a 15-lesson interactive workbook that teaches you how to reverse picky eating, get your little one to happily explore new foods, and even prevent young toddlers from getting majorly picky.

As a mom of a previously extremely picky eater, I know that a lot of the tips you’ll find just DON’T work. Like, “if they like french fries, try carrot sticks!” The Simple Steps to Picky Wins is NOT that. It enables you to meet your child exactly where they are in their picky eating journey, and move them forward (even if they currently won’t even look at a vegetable.)

By the end of the program, you’ll…

  • Eliminate your stress and anxiety at mealtimes – you will have a whole new mindset and your little one is not going to go into hulk mode when you introduce new foods
  • Know exactly which things to do and what to avoid at mealtimes. You’ll eliminate the behaviors that unknowingly reinforce picky eating.
  • Be completely shocked that they are actually eating new foods!

No more struggling. No more worrying. No more wasting time.

What's Included

Simple Steps to Picky Wins is an interactive, 15-lesson guidebook paired with tons of tutorials and how-to’s that take you from confused and at a loss to confident with a plan.

Get Unlimited Access To…


The Picky Wins Guidebook

This 90-page guidebook gives you all the research and information you could ever need.


My Step-by-Step Program

15 simple lessons broken down into easy steps you can move through at your own pace.


Tons of Templates & Tools

A Safe Foods Tracker, Healthier Packaged Food Guide, Vitamin & Supplement Guide, and more!


Picky Eater Parent Q&As

Get deeper-dive answers by watching recorded Q&As between Kacie and other parents.


I designed this program specifically for picky eaters between 1 and 6 years old, but I’ve had families with older children participate who still really benefit from it.
If you’re worried about your 1 year old being too young, don’t be! So many parents reach out to me wishing they started addressing picky eating sooner. You’re in a great place to make strides and establish good habits when they’re young.
While getting away from catering to picky eaters is one part of this program, it’s also so much more. You’ll learn new skills and techniques to get them to try new foods, too. No matter what’s on the menu right now, if you’re experiencing any frustration with picky eating mealtime stress, you’ll get a lot out of this program!
I was in that boat, too! You’ll get great results for your picky eater and the tips and strategies you’ll learn will only help your other eater to continue trying new things! And, you can easily do all the activities and exercises with the whole family. If your adventurous eater is older, you may want to tell them you’re trying some new things to help their sibling learn about new foods, so they understand. If your pickier eater is the older one, you’re in a fantastic spot – because you can now prevent the younger one(s) from copying their picky behaviors.
No, it’s not a meal plan, but you will learn how to make a meal plan for your family without having to completely cater to your picky eater or make them a totally separate meal! And you’ll get the Dinnertime Survival Guide to get you started with 6 weeks of easy weeknight meal plans.

What Moms are Saying

I’m Kacie Barnes.

I’m a pediatric Registered Dietitian Nutritionist, mom of two, eternal realist, and most importantly, I’m mom to a previously extremely picky eater.

Teddy was my “garbage disposal” baby—he ate everything. I was feeling good. But everything changed when he turned 2. He started turning his nose up at all the foods he used to love. I felt so frustrated and disappointed watching the number of foods he liked go down and down.

So, I tried it all. Everything that I was already coaching parents through, I did with my own kid. I used every tool I had: my education, nutrition knowledge, and my experience working with clients. And, you know what? It worked! Better than I even expected it to.

Now that we’re (mostly) on the other side of picky eating, all I want to do is help other moms who are tired of feeling guilty about what their little one eats. I took what I know as a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist and paired it with what I learned from my experience as a picky eater mom to create my Simple Steps to Picky Wins system and end the mealtime battle of wills for good.

I can’t wait for you to see how different it feels when you have the tools you need to tackle picky eating.

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