Nutrition Instant Consult



For parents who:

  • Want help ASAP
  • Are struggling with a picky eater
  • Want a personalized plan
  • Are fed up with meal time
  • Feel like nothing is working
  • Want to make sure their child is getting the nutrition they need


    After I review your message about your child, I will send you a personalized video response (about 15 minutes long) via email with a detailed plan on how to implement customized solutions for your child. I may also send lists of food, product, or supplement recommendations if there is a need.

    My typical response time is 24-48 hours after receiving your message.

    You may send a follow-up clarification question after receiving my response.


    1. Complete payment
    2. After payment, return to this page (
    3. Fill out and submit info below.
    4. The more details you give me, the better I can help.

    RATHER MEET WITH ME ON THE PHONE? See options here.

    (Please contact me with any questions about this process at



    Consent to Consultation

    Assumption of Risk and Waiver and Release Form

    All services provided by Barnes Nutrition and Wellness LLC dba Mama Knows Nutrition during online, phone, or email nutrition services are as part of a wellness consultation. I understand that information and education provided under this service does not replace seeing a physician or Registered Dietitian for an in-person examination or treatment.

    I am aware that all activities, services, and programs offered are educational or self-directed in nature. I assume full responsibility, during and after participation for my choices to use or apply, at my own risk, any portion of the information or instruction I receive.

    I understand my participation may be used to gauge the overall effectiveness of online, phone, or email nutrition services. Such information will be treated as confidential and will not be released to any person without my expressed written consent or as otherwise permitted by law.

    I understand that when I send or receive an email, the information will not be encrypted. This means a third party may be able to access the information and read it since it is transmitted over the internet. In addition, once I receive an email, someone may be able to access my email account and read it.

    I hereby voluntarily and knowingly agree to assume all risks associated with my participation in online, phone, or email nutrition services, and I agree to hold harmless, waive, release, and indemnify Barnes Nutrition and Wellness LLC dba Mama Knows Nutrition from any and all liability and claims connected with my receipt of services offered by Barnes Nutrition and Wellness LLC dba Mama Knows Nutrition.

    By typing my name above, I agree that I have read, understood, and agree to the contents of this Consent to Consultation, Assumption of Risk, and Waiver and Release Form in its entirety. In addition, I agree to opt in to any additional email communication unless stated otherwise.