A Meal for a Friend with a New Baby

Jun 5, 2017

My friend Brit had her second baby a few weeks ago, and he is the cutest, snuggliest little guy! I always forget how tiny newborns are until there’s one right in front of me. I wanted to make a meal for her since I know that cooking is one of […]

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5 Favorite Toddler Snack Recipes

Jun 2, 2017

Try these toddler snack recipes for your family this week! A few months ago, I started a little tradition of making a snack recipe every week to pack for my son to have at daycare. I’m not 100% consistent, but I make it happen most weekends! I used to love […]

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Almond Milk: Should my toddler drink it?

Mar 21, 2017
Almond milk for toddlers? |

Should my toddler be drinking almond milk? Is almond milk similar to cow’s milk? Read on to learn more. We typically have at least three different milks in our fridge at any one time. I will admit…I am one of the most indecisive people in the world. It’s nice to […]

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I’m a mom of two and a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist. I offer nutrition counseling, workshops, and freelance writing. Check out my blog for nutrition tips and family-friendly recipes. Thanks for being here!

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