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Healthy Toddler Muffins (Easy + Picky Eater Friendly!)

A recipe for plain muffins that are easy to make, picky eater approved, AND packed with nutrients.

Baby and Toddler Friendly Mini Meatloaf with Roasted Green Beans

This post is a collaboration with Beef Loving Texans. I received compensation, but all opinions are my own. The first 1,000 days of life are when your little one’s brain begins to grow and develop. This is when the foundations for their lifelong health are built! Every bite your baby […]

Healthy Ways to Boost Calories in Your Toddler’s Diet (Alternative to Pediasure)

There are healthy ways to boost calories in your toddler’s diet. Read this article to see healthy snacks and meals to help your little one gain weight.

What should babies feed themselves?

Are you struggling to let baby feed themselves to avoid the mess? You’re not alone! See how you can let baby self-feed and keep the mess down.

How to Wean Your Toddler Off of Bottles (for good!)

You know it’s time, but you’re feeling hesitant and unsure about how to wean your toddler off of bottles. Or maybe you don’t really want to, but you know you’re supposed to? Keep reading to learn how I coach my nutrition clients as a registered pediatric dietitian to drop bottles and make sure they’re still getting the right nutrition. PLUS, you’ll learn the #1 key to a quicker transition.

Your Kid Calls Someone Fat- How to Respond and The Truth about Fat

You never know what’s going to come out of your kid’s mouth. What do you do when your kid calls someone fat? Keep reading to learn from a registered dietitian on responding to body image comments, talking about body fat, and the truth about fat. Or watch the video here: […]

What to Do if Your Toddler isn’t Drinking Cow’s Milk (Nutrition & Drinking Tips)

You have a new one-year-old, and you’re introducing them to cow’s milk, but they are refusing. What do you do? How do you ensure they get the calcium and nutrition they need? Don’t worry, I have tips and tricks that are proven to work for your little one!

Healthy Cookie Dough Dip with chickpeas (for kids!)

If your kid is so impatient like mine, you’re going to loveee this recipe for healthy cookie dough dip! Instead of listening to them whine, “ARE THE COOKIES READY YETTTTTTTT??” for the entire afternoon… you can whip up this dip in a few minutes and serve it immediately! Wins all […]

Soy Milk for Toddlers: Is it Bad?

If you want to know about soy milk for toddlers, if soy milk is bad for toddlers, or what kind of milk to give your toddler if they can’t have dairy, read this post to learn the pros and cons of soy milk for toddlers. Soy Milk for Toddlers You […]

The Best Zucchini Banana Bread Muffins for Kids

These allergy-friendly Zucchini Banana Bread Muffins for Kids have been a staple in my house for pretty much as long as I’ve had kids! If you’re looking for a way to get some more green veggies into their diet – this is it.

Kid-Friendly Vegetables For Picky Eaters (& How To Get Yours To Try Them!)

Kid-friendly vegetables for picky eaters, and how to serve them so that your child might ACTUALLY give them a try!

Losing a baby

((trigger warning – this post is about infant loss.)) For Pregnancy and Infant Loss Remembrance Day, I invited Lauren Robinson to share her story. Hey Sis.  My name is Lauren Robinson, I am a believer. I am a mentor. I am a speaker. I am a wife. I am a […]

Advice on Starting Solids from Seasoned Moms [2020]

As a first time mom, starting solids can feel paralyzing. When is the right time to start? What foods do I start with? How do I do baby-led weaning? What IS baby-led weaning?? While you can find answers to all those questions and an easy step-by-step way to get started […]

18 Healthy Toddler Breakfast Ideas from a Registered Dietitian!

Easy, healthy toddler breakfast ideas from a Registered Dietitian! Each one is a balanced, nutritional start to your toddler’s day that you can feel good about.

The Best Sources of Iron for Toddlers

Iron is essential for growth and development. Learn the best sources of iron for toddlers, including vegetarian and picky-eater approved options!

The 48 BEST Healthy Snack Ideas for Kids & Toddlers

Your go-to list of the 48 BEST easy & healthy snack ideas for kids and toddlers from a registered dietitian and picky-eater mom!

Easy Blender Banana Oat Pancakes for Babies

Banana oat pancakes for babies are one of my go-to meals for starting solids. This recipe a family-fav that can be batched & frozen for minimal prep!

3 Mistakes Parents Make When Starting Solids

Starting solids can be stressful if you’re not sure how to begin! Talking to my friends, it seems like pediatricians’ advice can vary widely, and you’d be surprised to find out how many are giving outdated advice. Read through these common mistakes parents make when starting solids so you can […]

7 Meal Ideas for Babies (That Adults Will Like, Too!)

7 meal ideas for babies that work for you AND for them! They’re easy, crowd-pleasing & can be used as lunch or dinner.

7 Healthy Toast Ideas for Babies and Toddlers

Toast is an easy and healthy breakfast for babies and toddlers, especially with these delicious nutrition-boosting toppings!

What To Do When Your Toddler Won’t Eat: Expert Advice & Tips from a Registered Dietitian

Toddler not eating? Get expert advice from a Registered Dietitian (and picky eater mom!) on what to do, when to worry & when to let them be.

6 Healthy Smoothies for Kids

6 healthy smoothies for kids that will breathe new life into your smoothie game and make your littles happy in the process!

Healthy Greek Yogurt Popsicles for Kids

Keep these healthy greek yogurt popsicles in your freezer for easy, kid-approved summer snacks.

1 Year Old Feeding Schedule

Transitioning away from bottles and boobs can be such a confusing time. How do you get rid of the bottle? When do you get rid of the bottle? Do they need to eat more when you cut down on nursing or bottles? What should their daily schedule look like?! It […]

How To Make Kid-Friendly Summer Dinners

Most BBQ foods aren’t super kid-friendly! Learn how to put together safe, healthy and kid-friendly summer dinners.

8 Ways to Get Kids to Listen Without Yelling (Guest Post With Dr. Becky Kennedy)

How do you get kids to listen?? I invited Dr. Becky Kennedy, a clinical psychologist specializing in anxiety, resilience, and parenting, to help us with strategies to get kids to listen without yelling. One of the things I find myself saying to my husband over and over is, “WHY DON’T […]

19 Days of Healthy Toddler Meals

Inspiration for 19 full days worth of healthy toddler meals your child will actually want to eat! 19 breakfasts, lunches, dinners, and morning and afternoon snacks, plus 2 full days of vegan eats!

Eggs for Toddlers

All the reasons why I love eggs for toddlers, from the health benefits to the serving recommendations, plus my favorite toddler-approved egg recipes.

Is My Toddler Overweight?

The information you need to look at your child’s growth as a whole, and to set yourself free from tracking, comparing, and worrying.

Is Honey Safe for Babies and Toddlers? Answering Your Honey FAQs

Honey seems harmless, so it can be surprising for parents to learn that honey is actually not safe for babies, and should only be given to toddler in moderation. Learn more about the do’s and don’ts of giving your child honey.

Healthy Pasta for Toddlers

Plain enough for picky toddlers, packed with nutrition! This simple pasta with sauce recipe is a healthy alternative to mac and cheese.

Healthy Fats and Oils for Kids

Healthy fats and oils for kids (and parents!): why you need them, which ones to choose, and my favs for each different cooking method!

How to Deal with Burnout as a Mom (Guest: Dr. Ashurina Ream)

Note: this post contains affiliate links. I earn from qualifying purchases at no extra cost to you. I told my husband I felt like an old sponge the other day. And then I talked to my good friend Dr. Ashurina Ream, licensed clinical psychologist (who specializes in perinatal mental health) [...]

Tongue Tie, Tethered Oral Tissues, and Toddlers: Q&A

A common abnormality affecting children and their ability to feed well is something called ankyloglossia, or “tongue tie”. If you or your child hasn’t been affected by this issue, you are bound to know someone who has!

Pretend Beach Day Snacks

This post is part of the Keepin’ It Fresh with Chilean Grapes campaign, in paid partnership with Fruits From Chile. We have had SO MANY rainy days this spring - and all this time being stuck inside is making me crave beach time in a major way.   But for [...]

32 Toddler Lunch Ideas You’ll Love!

PB&J getting a little old? Tired of waiting until 11:15am to figure out what you’ll feed the kids? You’re in luck! Today, I’m serving up 32 toddler lunch ideas that are easy, quick, and super doable!

How To Get Your Toddler to Try New Foods at Dinner

8 tips to help you break out of the chicken nugget rut and finally get your toddler to try new foods at dinnertime!

Introducing Allergenic Foods To Your Baby

Introducing allergenic foods to your baby is a good thing to read up on before you jump in. It can be freaky as a parent, but you really don’t need to be scared– just prepared!

What To Do When Your Toddler Won’t Eat Dinner

Learn why your toddler won’t eat dinner, and how to respond to their refusal without instigating a battle royale at the kitchen table!

Healthy Team Snacks For Preschoolers

Are you snack mom again this week? You’re in luck! This guide to healthy team snacks for preschoolers tells you exactly what foods to give your little ones and their teammates before or after their games and practices.

Healthy Pumpkin Pasta for Toddlers

If you’re looking for a healthier alternative to mac and cheese, that still tastes amazing, this healthy pumpkin pasta for toddlers is going to be your new favorite! It can be really hard to get veggies in your little one, I know. If you’re really struggling on the veggie front, […]

What To Do If Your Toddler Isn’t Eating Like They Used To

It’s so confusing when all of a sudden your toddler isn’t eating like they used to! This post will help you understanding what’s going on for them, and give you strategies for handling it.

Mama Knows Nutrition Favorite Things: 2020 Edition

Mama Knows Nutrition’s Favorite Things 2020 is here! All my favorite products, courses, and resources for feeding your little ones, all in one easy-to-reference place.

Drinks for Toddlers: What’s healthy, what’s not-so-healthy, and what you should avoid altogether

We spend so much time thinking about healthy meals to serve our littles, so this post covers the best drinks for toddlers (and which ones to avoid!).

Food Pyramid for Toddlers

Learn all about the food pyramid, the 5 food groups, and the nutritional requirements for toddlers and kids.

Restaurant Meals for Toddlers

I don’t want you to feel as overwhelmed as I did, so I’ve put together my tips, tricks, and choices for the best restaurant meals for toddlers!

All Day Toddler Snacking

Why all day toddler snacking isn’t the best thing for them, how you can start to break the snacking cycle, and my favorite healthy toddler snack ideas that you can use when it’s actually snack time!

Food for Sick Toddlers: What to do when they won’t eat!

The research, some recipes, and my top tips on the best food for sick toddlers (and what to do when they won’t eat anything!).

The BEST Healthier Cinnamon Rolls

The reason I can tell you these are the BEST Healthier Cinnamon Rolls is because I tested SO MANY VERSIONS of this recipe before landing on “the one.” My stress level was super ultra high trying to get these right! I made this recipe for NBC DFW for a segment […]

Healthy Buckeye Chocolate Peanut Butter Balls | No Bake Recipe

I have been making this recipe for lightened up Chocolate Peanut Butter Balls for YEARS right around Christmas time. The first time I was introduced to buckeyes, I was still dating my husband (we were probably only 22 then??) and went to visit his family for Christmas. I had never […]

How To Stop Mealtime Toddler Manipulation!

It starts off with a simple request (or demand) from your toddler that you give in to, and before you know it, you’re experiencing mealtime toddler manipulation!

Healthy Convenience Store Snacks for Toddlers (Plus a Walgreens shopping list to make it a no-brainer!)

On-the-go stress be gone! Learn exactly what I look for when I choose healthy convenience store snacks for toddlers at my local CVS or Walgreens.

Black Friday & Cyber Monday 2019

**This post contains affiliate links and I will be compensated if you make a purchase after clicking through my links. As a part of the Amazon Associates program, I earn through qualifying purchases. Mama Knows Nutrition Deals USE CODE HOLIDAY19 THROUGH DEC 2ND No Sugar, Still Sweet: $8.99  (normally $14.50) [...]

How To Handle Family Members “Helping” At Meal Times (When it goes against everything you’re working on!)

Learn what I’ve found works best for how to handle family members “helping” at meal time (especially when they do things you wouldn’t!).

Holiday Gift Guide

For this Holiday Gift Guide, I asked on Instagram for your BEST gift recommendations, and you nailed it! These are tried and true gifts that you've either received yourself and loved, or use as your go-to each year because it's so well received. I threw in a couple of my [...]

Healthy Cereal for Kids

Healthy cereal for kids? Yes please! I analyzed nutrition labels of hundreds of cereals so you don’t have to! Download your FREE GUIDE here!

Seafood for Toddlers

Learn when it’s okay to give seafood to your toddler, the best kinds of seafood for toddlers, and what seafood to avoid completely.

Milk for Toddlers: Answering All Your Questions on Cow’s Milk, Non-Dairy Alternatives & Hormones

All the key information you need to know about milk and milk alternatives, so that you can feel good about whatever option is right for your littles!

High Fiber Foods for Toddlers

The best high fiber foods for toddlers! Fiber requirements, tips & tricks, and my favorite high fiber recipes for toddlers, all in one place.

How to Handle Halloween for Toddlers

Your little one is not a baby anymore, and you’re wondering how to handle Halloween for toddlers! This may be the very first time they’re experiencing candy. And it’s not just candy, it’s candy in ABUNDANCE. I share what you want to have in mind (no matter what age your […]

Which Foods are Choking Hazards for Toddlers

It’s important to familiarize yourself with choking hazards for toddlers, as their risk for choking continues past the baby phase! The only time my son choked was when he was 2 years old. We were at a party, he was running around, and he was eating fruit. The combination of […]

Healthy Preschool Snacks You Can Buy Online

It’s really hard to go into the grocery store and find healthy preschool snacks! There are SO many products that it’s overwhelming. And if you have your little one shopping with you, I’m doubting they have the patience to let you review the label and ingredients for more than 15 […]

How to Pack Avocado in a Lunch Box

I thought about titling this, “how to pack avocado in a lunchbox so it doesn’t get brown and gross,” but that was just way too long. 😆 Do I need to even explain the reasons I love avocados?? Besides being delicious, in 1/2 cup of avocado you’ll find: 5g fiber […]

How to Pack Lunch for a Picky Eater

It’s one thing to feed your picky eater at home, but it’s a whole new challenge when it comes time to pack a lunch for preschool or kindergarten. I remember my son’s first year of preschool when he wasn’t even two years old, and that was when his picky eating […]

Foods to Help With Constipation in Toddlers

Ohhhh poop. Constipation in toddlers – what to do? The foods you serve them is a good place to start! We pretty much all know that prune juice helps, but there are other foods you can add throughout the day as well. Before we get to the food – make […]

Toddler Recipe: Pumpkin French Toast Sticks

OMG OMG OMGGGG I can’t wait to tell you about my friend Heather Staller‘s N-E-W cookbook! And I have a sneak peek with her Pumpkin French Toast Sticks recipe below! I believe Heather wrote this book because she truly takes pity on us moms of toddlers 😂. She knows the […]

How to Choose Healthy Yogurt for Your Toddler

Choosing healthy yogurt for your toddler is way more challenging than it should be because the yogurt aisle has SO many options. Yogurt is a great source of nutrition with protein, calcium, fat (necessary for brain growth and development), and probiotics. I’ll share my favorites with you and what you […]

Nut-Free Snack Guide for Toddlers

This nut-free snack guide is dietitian-approved! Purchase your downloadable PDF here for just $3.50. You don’t want to send Goldfish or graham crackers every day, but your little one’s school or daycare doesn’t allow nuts or peanuts, and that majorly limits your options! While fruit is a great option, you […]

Healthy Popsicles for Summer

Summertime is popsicle season! I had requests for a list of healthy popsicles, so I headed to a few stores to see what I could find. Side note- I’m totally that mom who doesn’t allow popsicles in the house and I make my son eat them outside. If you have […]

Picky toddler only wants to eat ONE food at a meal

What to do if your toddler only wants to eat one food (and more and more of it) but nothing else at a meal? I received this email from a mom and when I saw “I have a burning question” it got my attention! Here is what she wrote: Email […]

The Secret To Getting Your Toddler to Eat Veggies

You want your toddler to eat veggies, but are you doing something that might actually make them eat less? When I ask moms the number one thing they wish their toddler would eat, but doesn’t — the thing I hear 99% of the time is VEGGIES. Moms know that veggies […]

Where to Start with a Picky Eater

Before anything else — CLICK HERE to download my FREE guide for picky eaters, which includes a daily schedule and the simple chart I recommend ALL parents of picky eaters fill out, to get your little one on the right track. If your little one won’t try new foods, stops […]

Trail Mix Pita Pizza

I had a little dance party when I realized I was packing my son’s lunch for the last time before winter break. And then I realized…I still have to make him a lunch every day. And entertain him. When’s mom’s winter break? We’ll be making trail mix pita pizza often, […]

How to Boost Protein in Your Toddler’s Favorite Recipes

I’ve thought long and hard about what my 3 year old’s love language might be. And I realized that there is one thing he loves no matter what sort of mood he might be in — carbs. Maybe you can relate?! Most toddlers I know are total carboholics. And that’s […]

Probiotics for Kids

Probiotics can help your kids get sick less – do you need to know any more than that?? Well yes, kind of. Read on to see what you need to know, and scroll down to the bottom to download my free guide to find out which probiotics supplements to try […]

Is Collagen Safe for Toddlers?

This question brings a lot of visitors to my blog, so today I’m answering, is collagen safe for toddlers? One of my very first blog posts was on collagen peptides/collagen powder (both terms can be used, it’s the same thing) and it is a must-read if you want the real […]

Healthy On-The-Go Baby Food

I’ll fully admit to keeping puffs in my diaper bag for a quick baby snack. But as far as nutrition goes? We can do better. It just takes a little planning. Healthy on-the-go baby food is easier than you think.

No Sugar Added Baked Oatmeal Bars

These no sugar added baked oatmeal bars are a great healthy finger food for babies and toddlers. I can’t tell you how long I searched on Google to find a recipe for no sugar added baked oatmeal bars. And I don’t just mean a recipe with no cane sugar. I […]

What To Do When Your Toddler Wants More Food

How do you react when your toddler wants more food during a meal or snack? I know my gut reaction is always a grunt or a sigh (usually not out loud, ha!) because #1, I probably JUST sat down, and the one thing he’s asking for is back in the […]

Breakfast Menu Cards for Toddlers and Preschoolers

These breakfast menu cards for toddlers and preschoolers totally changed our morning routine- for the better! Download your printable for free here. Mornings are the most rushed part of the day in our house…is it that way for you too? Getting everyone out of bed, dressed, fed, and out the […]

Breakfast Menu Cards Download

Breakfast Menu Cards Are you ready for drama-free mornings with your toddler or preschooler?? Click here to download your free PDF!   Connect with me on Instagram @mamaknows_nutrition!

How Many Carbs Should My Toddler Eat?

Moms, do you wonder if it’s okay for your toddler to constantly be eating carbs? Are they still getting the nutrition they need?  Do you ever feel like your little one’s meal is only “healthy enough” or “good enough” based on how much protein and veggies they eat?

Mason Jar Veggie Frittata

This Mason Jar Veggie Frittata is the perfect recipe to get your kids in the kitchen with you. They really can’t mess this one up! What is your go-to recipe when you have visitors staying with you? I almost always take the time to prepare a frittata before we have […]

If Your Toddler Won’t Eat Meat

You may worry about protein if your toddler won’t eat meat or fish. Protein is actually not the main concern for your meat refusing kids. Read to learn how much protein they need, what other nutrients they may be missing out on, and see a list of healthy recipes to […]

The Only Black Bean Veggie Burger Recipe You Need

These turmeric black bean veggie burgers are hearty and tasty! Truly, the only veggie burger recipe you ever need to make at home.  You guys, I almost didn’t make these veggie burgers. Because every veggie burger recipe I’ve tried in the past came out dry and crumbly. Edible, I suppose, […]

10 Tips For When You Have No Desire To Cook

Top ten tips for when you have no desire to cook, but need to feed your family! My husband and I were having a conversation recently about how naive we were about some (aka LOTS) of things back in our college days. Like, how it seemed so easy to eat […]

What to Order for Your Baby at a Restaurant

Husband calls and says, “let’s go out to dinner tonight!” And there’s me, in my leggings and the same sweatshirt I’ve been wearing the past three days, haven’t showered yet, shouting “YES! YES YES YES YES YES! ADULT INTERACTION! YASSSS.” If you’re also a stay-at-home or work-from-home mom, I know […]

Portion Sizes for Toddlers: Why They Don’t Need Portion Control

As if we don’t already have enough to worry about, figuring out what to feed our kids, then we get to the pesky topic of HOW MUCH — and figuring out portion sizes for toddlers can be very tricky! Every mom wants to know how much their kids need. And […]

Secretly Healthy Chocolate Pudding [Dairy Free]

Does it get more classic than chocolate pudding?? This secretly healthy chocolate pudding will be loved by everyone in your family, including your picky eater (as long as they like chocolate)!  I have been making this chocolate pudding about once a week lately, it is SO GOOD. It all started […]

Addicting Raspberry Vanilla Fudge Bites

I haven’t posted a recipe in MONTHS. I guess that’s what happens when you have a baby! Well, I’m coming back strong with a tasty snack that we’ve been enjoying over the past few weeks – raspberry vanilla fudge bites! I needed something I could grab quickly in between feeding […]

Reduce Picky Eating With an Easy Trick

Looking for an easy way to reduce picky eating? Some kids can be pretty opinionated about what’s on their plate! Generally I give the advice to have at least one thing at the meal you know they will like, and it’s okay to serve other things you know they don’t […]

How Much Dessert Should I Let My Kid Eat?

  In my last post I talked about how often you should serve dessert, and some DOs and DON’Ts when it comes to dessert with kids. Today I’m talking about how much they should have in one sitting. The recommendations may surprise you!

It’s Hard for Me, Too: Dietitian Mom Confessions

For the past week, my toddler has asked me to eat m&ms at least 5 times every day. And at least one of those times he ends up crying over it. I send him with a pb & j sandwich to school 90% of the time. Those perfect lunchboxes you […]

Sweets and Treats: How to Handle Dessert with Kids

You just finished lunch and your toddler is asking for cookies. What do you do? Now it’s 4 pm, and they’re asking for cookies again. It’s dinner time, and they’re asking AGAIN! Do you give in? Kids can be very…persistent. (I kind of want to say annoying, haha!) We all […]

Clean Your Plate, or Don’t?

Not to throw my husband under the bus…but I had to get on his case about something the other day. Poor guy, he really wasn’t trying to do anything wrong. My son asked for a cookie during dinner, and Ben told him to eat what’s on his plate first. And […]

Pumpkin Baked Oatmeal Bars

Yes it’s a pumpkin recipe…but it’s great year-round. Try these baked oatmeal bars for an easy grab-and-go breakfast this week! Hi friends. This is one of those recipes that I have memorized because I make it so frequently! It’s plain and basic in the best way. You know those non-fussy […]

Paleo Baby Food: Is it a Scam?

Some dietitians are calling the new Paleo baby food pouches a scam. What do you think? I have seen a lot of criticism from RDs about the new Serenity Kids Paleo baby food pouches. I guess I’m in the minority but I honestly don’t see a problem with the product, […]

Healthy Halloween Treats for Trick-or-Treating

I will admit…I’m not much of a Halloween person. I don’t really like dressing up, I don’t like showering kids with sugary treats, and I’m not big on Halloween decorations, besides pumpkins. Although I do LOVE dressing up my son and wish I could do it more often. His first […]

Kid Friendly Hidden Veggie Dips

Is your kid a dipper? Lots of moms tell me that their little ones will eat almost anything if they can dip it in something. My son has not gotten on board with dipping. But I keep serving dips to him anyway since every once in awhile he surprises me […]

The #1 Food To Eat in Your Third Trimester

One of my best friends is pregnant and our due dates are just one day apart. It has been so fun to be pregnant at the same time as her, even though she lives far, far away in London. We were talking on the phone a few weeks ago and […]

How to Stock Up on Healthy Freezer Meals and Snacks

My husband loves to tell people the story about the morning I went into labor with our son. My water broke around 8am, but my contractions were several minutes apart. So I didn’t feel any rush to get to the hospital. For some reason, I decided that I HAD to […]

5 Ingredient No Bake Nut Butter Bars

YOU GUYSSSSSS. These no bake nut butter bars SAVE me on mornings I don’t have my act together. Which is basically every morning right now, since pregnancy insomnia has been keeping me up from about 2:30 to 5:30 am. It’s the weirdest thing. It doesn’t matter what time I go […]

Hundreds of School Lunch Ideas and Tips to Help Mom Stay Sane

I was going to write about my own school lunch ideas, but since my son is only 2, I figured I should leave it to the moms who have been doing this for years! Everyone is getting into back-to-school mode. I rounded up some of the most helpful school lunch […]

10 Simple Kitchen Tasks for Toddlers

Next time you’re making dinner, get your little one to help out! Try some of these kitchen tasks for toddlers. Toddlers can be great little kitchen helpers. Things may take longer and get a bit messier, but it’s a perfect way to spend some one-on-one time with them. Getting toddlers […]

5 Reasons You Shouldn’t Always Make the Healthier Choice

When people find out I’m in graduate school for Nutrition and *almost* a dietitian, they often make a comment that I must eat perfectly healthy all the time, or not to judge them for the french fries they are about to eat. But the reality is that I am NOT […]

Boursin Turkey Stuffed Zucchini Boats

Boursin Turkey Stuffed Zucchini Boats are delicious (thanks to cheeeeeese) and easy to throw together with just a minute of prep work! I can’t tell you how many times I’ve overcooked chicken breasts, pork chops, fish, you name it. I get distracted easily when I’m in the kitchen. I’m pretty […]

Taking Your Baby To a Restaurant

Taking your baby to a restaurant can be STRESSFUL. It doesn’t have to be! The trick is being prepared. Babies who are old enough to eat solids but are still immobile are pretty fun to take out to restaurants! Just as long as you’re not hovering too close to naptime […]

Should We Go Gluten Free? Part 2

If you missed part one about going gluten free, go back and read it before you read this post! What’s it like to have a gluten free diet? It seems like it should be really simple. Just stop eating foods with gluten. It’s actually pretty difficult, since so many foods […]

Should My Family Eat A Gluten-Free Diet? Part 1

Wondering if you and your kids should go gluten free? Have you ever tried a gluten free diet?  A lot more people are experimenting with removing gluten from their diets. People say they experience reduced brain fog, better energy, better digestion, and more. Should you go gluten-free?

Our 16 Favorite Toddler Feeding Supplies

Make mealtime easy for you AND your toddler with these top toddler feeding supplies. I never knew a truly messy kitchen until I had a toddler. I think my absolute least favorite food to serve (which of course, my son loves) is shredded cheese. It ends up EVERYWHERE. I have […]

How I Survived First Trimester Morning Sickness

Morning sickness is unavoidable during the first trimester, and it can make those first several weeks of pregnancy feel like a punishment. I have some tricks to get in healthy foods here and there, and it really makes a difference in how you feel! When I found out I was […]

10 Ways to Get Your Kids to Eat Broccoli That You Haven’t Tried Yet

It can take 10, or 20, or even more times for young kids to be exposed to a food before they want to eat it. And even after they discover they like a food, they may eat it one day, and not the next. Now you know why half of […]

Summer Berry Puff Pastry Squares

Summer Berry Puff Pastry Squares are a fantastically light treat to enjoy with your family. Crisp, buttery puff pastry is topped with fresh whipped cream and seasonal, naturally sweet berries. No better way to treat yourself on a hot, summer day!

Pregnancy Workout: Second Trimester Resistance Band Circuit

This pregnancy workout is perfect for moms-to-be who want a safe, effective workout that only uses one piece of equipment. It will work your legs, chest, back and arms. You’ll perform all of the exercises while standing, since the last thing you want to do while pregnant is get up […]

20-Minute Make-Ahead Dinner: Pesto Shrimp Tortellini Salad

Yes, this Pesto Shrimp Tortellini Salad really comes together in just 20 minutes! Using a few pre-made shortcuts, pesto and tortellini, this recipe requires verrrry little effort. Equally delicious warm or cold, serve it over some baby spinach, and you don’t even need a side dish!  Yesterday was a total […]

Should You Sneak Veggies in Your Kids’ Food?

As parents we want our kids to eat healthy – and that means eating veggies! But what if your kid refuses them? Should you sneak veggies into your kids’ food?  Maybe they’re out there…but I haven’t met one yet. Have you ever talked to a parent who said, “my goodness, […]

Collagen Powder: What is it and should I use it?

Collagen powder, also called collagen protein or collagen peptides, is a VERY popular supplement. Have you heard of it? Read to learn about what exactly it is, and how to know if you should use it.  What is collagen? Collagen is a structural protein found in the connective tissue, skin, […]

Make Ahead Recipe: Paleo Skillet Pizza Shepherd’s Pie

Paleo Skillet Pizza Shepherd’s Pie comes together with a handful of kitchen staples for an easy weeknight meal that fills your kitchen with the intoxicating smell of pizza, without all the grease! You can thank my pregnancy for this recipe. So far, my only real craving has been cheese. No, […]

Picky Eating: Help! My toddler only wants snacks

Picky eating is one of the most common complaints about toddlers, preschoolers, and young kids. But you CAN make it better! This is part of a series on picky eating where I’ll be sharing different strategies to reduce picky eating and make mealtimes a little easier. This morning I asked […]

Listeria During Pregnancy: Everything you need to know

What is the deal with Listeria during pregnancy? Is it really that bad?  There are so many things you are told to avoid while pregnant. Don’t lie on your stomach, don’t lie on your back, don’t exercise too much, don’t you DARE get a massage during your first trimester. (That […]

A Meal for a Friend with a New Baby

My friend Brit had her second baby a few weeks ago, and he is the cutest, snuggliest little guy! I always forget how tiny newborns are until there’s one right in front of me. I wanted to make a meal for her since I know that cooking is one of […]

5 Favorite Toddler Snack Recipes

Try these toddler snack recipes for your family this week! A few months ago, I started a little tradition of making a snack recipe every week to pack for my son to have at daycare. I’m not 100% consistent, but I make it happen most weekends! I used to love […]

Almond Milk: Should my toddler drink it?

Should my toddler be drinking almond milk? Is almond milk similar to cow’s milk? Read on to learn more. We typically have at least three different milks in our fridge at any one time. I will admit…I am one of the most indecisive people in the world. It’s nice to […]

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