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A Real-Life Approach To Feeding Families

Because I promise, kids don’t need perfect nutrition to thrive!

I’m Here To Help You Feed Your Kids. Without Stress or Judgment!

I started Mama Knows Nutrition to help you feed your kids without the sides of judgment, food fear, and unrealistic expectations. Because contrary to what the dark side of the internet would have you believe, your worth as a parent does not change based on what they eat today.

Our Mission

We’re on a mission to support moms through the never-ending cycle of meals and snacks! With a realistic approach to nutrition and been-there support for tricky eaters, we lighten your mental load and make feeding your family easier.

Our Vision

We see a world where moms aren’t judging how well they’re doing based on what their kids are eating. Where their worth doesn’t hinge on what’s packed in their lunch box. And where parents know that nutrition doesn’t have to be perfect to be great, so their food fear goes away.

We See, Celebrate
& Cheer On Moms

BUT WE mama knows nutrition favicon DADS & CAREGIVERS, TOO!

Feeding families is a LOT of work.

The planning, shopping, prepping, cooking, and cleaning. The pressure. The judgment. The endlessness. The comparison. The shame of asking for help. The dismissive advice from the pediatrician when you do ask for help.

It’s Work That Often Goes Unseen.
And Usually Falls On Mom.

Mama Knows Nutrition speaks to moms because we are moms, so we get it. We want to make the invisible work visible while helping to lighten your load.

But We Love That Not All Families Are Fed By Moms!


If you’re a dad, a grandmama, or a caregiver who knows how hard it is to feed a family—and wants some much-deserved help—know that you are so welcome here.

Meet The Mamas Behind Mama Knows

Kacie Barnes


Hey, I’m Kacie, a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist (RDN) with a Master of Clinical Nutrition from UT Southwestern. I live in Dallas, TX with my husband and two kids, Teddy and Emilia, who can’t quite understand that making videos for lots of parents on the internet is actually my job! I’m also mom to a previously verrrry picky eater! (Read our picky eating story here.)

Nutrition is my thing, so of course, I care what my kids eat! But I started Mama Knows Nutrition because even with thousands of hours of nutrition education and experience under my belt, I am still just a mom trying to do my best for my family, like you. 

We eat chicken fingers, Goldfish crackers, and ice cream. I have a never-ending, massive pile of laundry. And I forget to give my kids a bath half the time. (Wait, does it still count as forgetting when I just don’t feel like doing it?!)

My goal is to make feeding your family easier, make you feel less alone in it, and remind you that you are a great mom! So whether you’re stuck in a food rut, pulling out your hair over the never-ending cycle of meals and snacks, struggling to feed a picky eater who can’t even tolerate the sight of a new food on their plate, facing off with a carb-obsessed toddler each day, or really anything else, Mama Knows is here to help!

Dana Wallace

Hi! I’m Dana Wallace. I’m a Registered Dietitian, Air Force wife, and mom of three young boys. I have been a dietitian for 15 years since receiving my Bachelor’s degree from James Madison University and completing my dietetic internship at Geisinger Medical Center.

While I’m originally from the East coast I have lived all over due to my husband’s military career. This has given me the privilege of working with families of all backgrounds and needs and has taught me a lot about how meals are so much more than what is on our plates.  

While parenting is such a gift, it also comes with mountains of decisions and pressure.  For many families, mine included, this can often hit home at meal times.  My goal with all families is to implement tools that can help make eating together filled with less chaos and more connection. Mama Knows has always been one of my favorite resources as the guidance is led with grace, not judgment or blame. I will always do the same! 

Outside of nutrition, I love being active in pretty much any way I can, doing crafts with my children, and visiting friends and family (as we move around so much)!

Bianca Anderson


Hi, I’m Bianca Anderson! I am a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist, wife, and fellow picky eating mama from Flagstaff, AZ. I received my Bachelor’s degree at the University of Arizona in Nutritional Sciences, and a Master’s degree at Arizona State University in Human Nutrition.

Over the last 9 years as a dietitian, I’ve worked with hundreds of families to set the stage for their children to experience life-long, positive relationships with food.  While I love to find creative ways to meet kids’ nutrient needs, I am most passionate about making mealtimes enjoyable. Being a parent (and being a kid!) is challenging in so many ways. Having one less thing to stress about is such a gift, and I am honored to help families work toward that goal. 

Despite my training, feeding my kids hasn’t always been easy. In fact, my 2-year-old has recently decided he’d rather drink barbecue sauce than eat any of the food on his plate (we’re working on it). Mama Knows Nutrition has always been a go-to resource for me because I know I can get practical and realistic tips without the pressure of perfectionism. 

When I’m not working, I’m usually trying to keep up with my 5- and 2-year-old boys, running, or learning to garden. 

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