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Simply Solids Quick Guide

Easily start solids and move beyond purees, even if you're feeling SUPER nervous

Start feeding baby effortlessly with this quick guide

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Easily start solids and move beyond purees, even if you're feeling SUPER nervous

Start feeding baby effortlessly with this quick guide

Welcome, mama! Does the idea of starting solids make you bite your nails?

You know you’re supposed to start, but what exactly does that look like?

Starting solids can be really stressful.

Your pediatrician doesn’t have time to walk you through it. And, they may have outdated advice.

You might look at the jars and pouches in the store and think, do I just follow the age guidelines on these? What foods are they supposed to have? What foods CAN’T they have?

When can I move beyond purees? Are they going to choke?

simply solids with mama knows nutrition

With the Simply Solids Quick Guide, you’ll:

...without freaking out about choking

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Eliminate doubt & feed them well, right from the start.

By their first birthday, babies should be:

eating a variety of table foods

feeding themselves independently

and eating 3 meals a day.

There's a roadmap to get them there!

And it can’t be found on the back of a baby food jar,

or from following what a mom friend on social media is saying.

It starts with this research-backed guide.

Hi! I'm Kacie Barnes, MCN, RDN, LD

I’m sharing what I knows from my experience as a Registered Dietitian helping parents feed their babies... Supported by the most up to date research and recommendations on nutrition and infant development.

My Promises to You

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There is no one right way to feed your baby

No matter your parenting style or food philosophy, this guide will work for you

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You don’t have to be an “everything homemade” mom to get it right

But if you are, that’s cool, too!

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It gets easier

Progress is made in fits and starts, all that matters is that you keep going. Go easy on yourself.

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Simply Solids is for you if you...

…have no clue where to start with feeding your baby

…have gotten different advice from different places, and don’t know what info to trust anymore

…have already started with solids, but don’t know how to progress past purees

…are afraid of your baby choking

…aren’t sure when is the right time to start

…have some ideas, but want to make sure you’re doing it right

Pediatric Health Expert Reviews

Introduction of solids can be a daunting task for any parent. Kacie’s guide is the perfect comprehensive solution. She offers relatable anecdotes, evidence based recommendations & even sample schedules. Best of all, the guide is full of encouragement & grace for moms.
A person looking at the camera, with Hillary Lewis
Dr. Hillary Lewis
Simply Solids is a great resource for parents that are nervous about starting solids for the first time. Kacie presents the need-to-know information in a quick and easy to read format that won’t leave you overwhelmed, with visuals and sample schedules to build confidence.
Starting solid foods can be an exciting time but parents are often confused and scared about how to do it. Kacie’s guide is a solid, science-based approach but with the flexibility to let parents be parents and make decisions based on the goals for their babies.
Justin Smith wearing a blue shirt and smiling at the camera
Dr. Justin Smtih
This is the perfect handbook for first time mamas (and even veteran mamas who need a refresher)! Kacie shares everything you need to know when starting solids, from preparing your child to readiness to what foods to offer and when, and even how to introduce common allergens. As a Registered Dietitian with years of experience under her belt, Kacie is a reliable and credible source. Read this e-book before baby arrives, or keep it on the shelf to pull out as you start your feeding journey. Starting Solids is sure to prepare you and give you the confidence you need to be successful!
catherine callahan pediatric speech language pathologist
Catherine Callahan, MS, CCC-SLP, CLC
Pediatric Speech Language Pathologist

What's In The Guide

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WHAT exactly to feed them the first few months

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WHEN to feed them (with sample daily schedules)

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HOW to manage gagging and avoid choking (with an in-depth video tutorial included!!)

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HOW and WHEN to introduce top allergens

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WHAT GEAR you'll need

Plus, one page printables to keep in the kitchen with you, including:

– Starting Solids “cliffs notes” to tape on the inside of your cabinet

– Checklist to track new foods and allergen introduction

one page printable
simply starting solids charts

What Moms are Saying

I so wish I would have had a guide like this that was easy to read, affordable, and was from a professional. My husband would’ve agreed to follow the advice because it’s from a Registered Dietitian, and I would’ve been a LOT more at ease!”” – Kate, Mom of Noah, Boulder, CO

“The Simply Solids Guide is exactly what I was looking for as we embark on the starting solids adventure. It’s wonderfully straightforward, insightful, and concise… something I couldn’t be more grateful for because reading time is limited with an infant!” – Ali B., Mom of Whit, Richmond, VA
This is an incredible resource for any parent, especially a first time parent like myself! Thank you for validating all the “normal” feelings of nervousness and excitement around starting solids. It helps to know that I am not alone. I particularly love all the helpful tips including your favorite amazon baby feeding items to own as one can get lost in the amazon spiral search! I also LOVE the quick reference guide, sample feeding schedule, and that everything is to the point, there’s no 80+ pages to read! I can’t wait to recommend  Simply Solids to my friends!” – Olya D., Mom of 1, NJ
“I love everything about the Simply Solids guide. I wish I had this with our first child because it would have eased my mind about starting solids, and I wouldn’t have felt so clueless venturing into it. Now, starting solids with #2 and having this guide I can go into it a lot more confident in knowing I’m doing things safe but also providing and including the right nutrition for her. I can’t thank Kacie enough for creating this and making it available for all the Mommas out there!” – Lindsey W., Mom of 2, Dallas, TX
“I searched for a clear and straightforward guide for starting solids when my daughter turned 6 months and couldn’t find anything until I read Simply Solids! It is so helpful. Kacie provides practical and balanced advice on what to use and when to start. The guide is beautifully designed and easy to read. I felt so much more confident in starting solids after reading it. I plan to share with all my friends who are confused and overwhelmed by the process too!” – Jenna T., Mom of 2, New York, NY

Frequently Asked Questions about the Simply Solids Guide

Yes, this guide is baby led weaning friendly. The guide helps teach you the appropriate ways to serve food to a baby starting solids that encourages self feeding.

If your baby is under 9 months, then yes, this will still help you. This guide is specifically designed for babies in the starting solids stage, and parents who are getting prepared even if baby isn’t ready to start yet. If baby is already well established on solids, this likely won’t be the right fit.

Discuss with your pediatrician the right time to start solids with your baby. 

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