To the mom who will settle for nothing less:

healthy lunches made easy

Take away the stress of packing lunches once and for all

Overwhelmed and trying to do it all?

This easy, thoughtless routine (plus lists of healthy options!) makes packing lunches less of a chore for daycare or preschool. 


Are you feeling like...

  • The lunches you pack are never good enough. It's stressful!
  • You're pressured to make them really healthy, but you also are tired and strapped for the time to really focus on it.
  • You dread packing lunches.
  • You get in a rut, packing the same things, but don't know how to get out of it.
  • Or you've never packed lunches before, and you want to make sure they're healthy, but want more ideas, shortcuts, and a plan.


With this guide...

You'll go from feeling stressed and overwhelmed by packing lunches, to having clarity on what to pack, and how to do it without the guilt and stress. 

You'll get an easy to follow plan, so packing lunches will become thoughtless.

Shortcuts will help you streamline the process and make it way easier to deal with when you're tired.

Options - but not TOO many options - is the key to success. Use the list of no-cook, throw-and-go foods to switch it up without spending extra time in the kitchen.

You can spend just 15 minutes making lunches for the week - seriously!

What You'll Get:

  • Essential time saving tips & stress relievers
  • Visual "how-to" guide of what to pack the lunchbox
  • "Throw and go" lunch building blocks sheet with mix and match ideas
    • no cooking required!
  • 1 week of lunches in 15 minutes
  • My go-to week of packed lunches
  • How to "Pump up your PB&J" - dietitian style
  • Minimal prep lunch recipes and ideas (for when you have more than a few minutes)
  • My personal guide of lunch packing product essentials
healthy packed lunch guide for toddlers and preschoolers

Watch how I pack healthy lunches in only 15 minutes for the week!

Pack Lunches Like a Dietitian

Feel confident that you're doing the best for your little one by learning how to pack lunches the way a dietitian does. Make packing lunches the easiest and most thoughtless part of your day.


I can't refrigerate or heat my child's lunches. Will this guide work for me?

    Yes! All of the ideas in the guide are meant for lunches that will be kept in a lunch box with an ice pack. No heating or refrigeration required. But you DO definitely want an ice pack to keep the food at a safe, cold temperature.

Does this guide have nut-free options? We go to a nut-free school.

Yes. There are a few items I recommend that contain nuts, but I also give nut-free alternatives.

Does this require cooking?

Only if you want to. The majority of the ideas I suggest don't involve any cooking, though you can use dinner leftovers in lunches, or cook something to serve a few times during the week for lunches. There's a "Minimal Prep" section of the guide where I list some of my favorite lunch ideas for when you have the time & feel like cooking something.

What age is this guide good for?

This guide is meant for ages 1-6, for toddlers and preschoolers who are fully established on solids and self-feeding.