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Toddler Lunches Made Easy



  • making lunches is stressful
  • you want to make them healthy, but you’re also tired and strapped for time
  • you dread making lunches
  • you get in a rut, packing the same things every day, but don’t know how to get out of it
  • you don’t know what to send with them if they’re going to daycare or preschool


Making lunches will no longer be a huge pain in the butt. (Read this out loud so your 2 year old can laugh when you say “butt.”)

You’ll have clarity on what to include in each lunch, and how to do it without the guilt and stress.

  • You’ll get an easy to follow plan, so making lunches will become thoughtless.
  • Shortcuts will help you streamline the process and make it way easier to deal with when you’re tired.
  • Options – but not TOO many options – is the key to success. Use the list of no-cook, throw-and-go foods to switch it up without spending extra time in the kitchen.
  • You’ll get pictures of all my top lunch ideas for inspiration.
  • I’ll show you how to pack lunches for a whole week in just 15 minutes, too!
healthy toddler lunch guide

What's Inside

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FAQs about the guide

Yes. I completely redesigned the guide in August 2020 (and updated it in August 2021, too!) to include all the various situations, whether that means your kids are home, or at school/daycare, and even if they’re no longer allowed to bring reusable items…(not sure why that has become a rule some places, but it has. Shrug.) I also added a budget-friendly section to help you find the least expensive healthy items at the store.

Yes, the guide is overflowing with nut-free solutions. 🙂  I share my favorite alternatives to peanut butter, and lots of sandwich-free ideas, too.

Ages 1 and up – they should be able to eat a variety of solid foods. But all the recommendations in the guide take into account the needs of toddlers – like avoiding choking hazards. Some parents ask me if this guide is helpful for older school age children, and the answer is yes! This would be a great way to get them more involved in packing their lunches, especially by using the “throw and go” sheet as a guide. 

Only if you want to. The majority of the ideas I suggest don’t involve any cooking, though you can use dinner leftovers in lunches, or cook something to serve a few times during the week for lunches. There’s a “Minimal Prep” section of the guide where I list some of my favorite lunch ideas for when you have the time & feel like cooking something.

I’ll cover that! The guide has ideas to help you whether or not you’re able to send an ice pack to keep things cool.

Go to my shop page and check out my Dinnertime Survival Guide! It is a 6-week weeknight meal plan with toddler-friendly dinners you can make in about 15 minutes or less.

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