No Sugar Still Sweet

No Sugar, Still Sweet e-book


Easily reduce added sugar in your little one’s day and get no-added-sugar snack ideas

Skip the time searching google for recipes that are actually healthy

Try new recipes that your little one will love – without any sugar added

What moms are saying

We love your cookbook! I’ve been meaning to take photos but my boys (errr and me…) eat everything up right away! Excited to keep working through the recipes and will eventually get a photo!

Anonymous mom on Instagram

Kacie, I bought your e-book and even though I haven’t made any of the recipes yet, I already feel like I’ve learned SO MUCH just from reading. It is shocking how much sugar has crept into our family’s diet, even from seemingly harmless foods. (And I would consider myself fairly knowledgeable about health, nutrition, etc.!) Today I presented the girls with plain whole milk yogurt (as opposed to their usual flavored variety), and what shocked me the most is how much they LOVED it and didn’t even ask about the other kind, or mention it was different. Amazing! Just a small example, but it was the encouragement I needed to keep trying. Anyway, thank you for your encouragement and expertise – I’m excited to keep trying new things

Hallie L.

THANK YOU for all you do for moms like me that just need that positive person and knowledge that you give. Your information gives me so much confidence. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!


I love this e-book!! I especially love the no added sugar snack ideas and RECIPES! As a busy mom of an 18 month old, this is a great resource to help make feeding my daughter easier. Everything in here is super helpful. The snack ideas and all the recipes are the biggest highlights for me- I can’t get that anywhere else!

Jenna T.

This is such a fantastic resource! It covers everything! I especially love the natural added sugars part, and the sample menus!

Christina L.

Recipes designed for your baby and toddler

Setting them up for a lifetime of healthy eating starts now

  1. added sugar is not a required nutrient for their body- make sure they
  2. get the proper nutrition to grow and develop
  3. prevent tooth decay
  4. set their tastes for healthy foods
  5. reduce risk for future health issues

What You'll Get

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Allergen Friendly

Easy swaps to make most recipes allergy-friendly

Gluten-free: 19 recipes

Egg-free: 17 recipes

Nut-free: 11 recipes

Dairy-free: 18 recipes

Free of all: 7 recipes

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More than just a cookbook

Learn which sugars are okay to eat, how much is okay for your little one, easy no-added-sugar snack ideas, a sugar-reducing cheat sheet, and more!

Why Kacie is so passionate about no-added-sugar recipes

See what's in "No Sugar, Still Sweet"

no sugar still sweet

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No Sugar Still Sweet by Kacie Barnes and Heather Staller