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No Sugar, Still Sweet E-Book

Finally- sweet tasting recipes that your toddler will LOVE - with none of the added sugar.

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It is UNBELIEVABLE how good these recipes are without any added sugar in them.

It almost seems impossible that you can have delicious treats like cookies, brownies, and chocolate banana bread bars without any added sugar, only fruit!

Don’t believe me? Try them for yourself!

– Easily reduce added sugar in your little one’s day and get no-added-sugar snack ideas

– Skip the time searching google for recipes that are actually healthy

– Try new recipes that your little one will love – without any sugar added



  • 70 page e-book delivered straight to your inbox
  • 20+ recipes for breakfasts, snacks, and treats with NO added sugar
  • No added sugar EASY snack ideas
  • Clarification on why it’s important to reduce added sugar
  • A quick guide to the places added sugar is hiding in everyday foods
  • Easy swaps to reduce added sugar

Allergen Friendly Recipes

Gluten-free: 19 recipes

Egg-free: 17 recipes

Nut-free: 11 recipes

Dairy-free: 18 recipes

Free of all: 7 recipes

Contact me for specific allergy details

What's Inside

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