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Best Almond Milk for Baby

Do you want to know the best almond milk for baby? The recent explosion of plant-based milks on the market has opened a new can of worms for parents of little ones. Right next to the cow’s milk, you’ll find a ton of other milk variations. Coconut milk, hemp milk,

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Best food for 8 month old baby (and 9 to 10 month olds)

Learn about the best food for an 8 month old baby, including both puree and finger food ideas! Note: this post contains affiliate links. As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases. What should eight-month-old babies eat? Chances are if you’re a parent, you’ve spent a good bit of


6 Ways to Serve Yogurt to Babies

6 Ways to Serve Yogurt to Babies is sponsored by Stonyfield Organic; all opinions are my own. Most babies LOVE yogurt. And as a parent, you should love it for them too!  Babies can start eating yogurt when they have started solids, around 6 months old. As a Registered Dietitian,


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