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6 Ways to Serve Yogurt to Babies

6 Ways to Serve Yogurt to Babies is sponsored by Stonyfield Organic; all opinions are my own. Most babies LOVE yogurt. And as a parent, you should love it for them too!  Babies can start eating yogurt when they have started solids, around 6 months old. As a Registered Dietitian,


When Can Babies Eat Cheerios and Finger Foods?

Feeding a baby can be really confusing and stressful at times! If you’re wondering when babies can eat cheerios, or when babies can eat puffs or other finger foods, I’ve got answers for you. As a pediatric Registered Dietitian Nutritionist who is constantly staying up to date on the most


Advice on Starting Solids from Seasoned Moms [2020]

As a first time mom, starting solids can feel paralyzing. When is the right time to start? What foods do I start with? How do I do baby-led weaning? What IS baby-led weaning?? While you can find answers to all those questions and an easy step-by-step way to get started


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