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Make REAL Picky Eating Progress

Hey, fellow picky parent! I’m Kacie, a kids’ dietitian and mom to a previously very picky eater. So I know exactly how to help you get more nutrition into them.

You Work So Hard To Feed Your Picky Eater

Your Child’s Picky Eating Is Not Your Fault

As a kids’ dietitian, I felt like there was no way my kid would be picky! But picky eating isn’t something we cause as parents. Some kids are just pickier than others. There’s even a genetic component to it.

Bottom line: We don’t choose the picky life. It chooses us!

You Can Make Picky Progress!

While you are not to blame for your child’s picky eating, you can be a big part of the solution. By using some of the tips I share here, you can help your child work up to eating more foods, and maximize the nutrition they’re getting in the meantime.

Reverse Picky Eating & Get Them To Eat More Foods

Because I’m a kids dietitian and a picky eater parent, I know exactly how to help you make picky eating progress. Without force, pressure, punishment, or bribes!

Reverse Picky Eating For Good!

Simple Steps to Picky Wins is a step-by-step course that teaches you exactly how to reverse picky eating. Without bribes or miserable mealtimes. Taught by me, a kids’ dietitian and picky eater mom!

1:1 Picky Eating Support

Get nutrition and feeding advice specific to your picky eater! From a Mama Knows dietitian that has the expertise to help you get more food, variety, and nutrition into them.

Free Picky Eater Starter Guide

Feeling like you don’t even know where to begin with your picky eater? This free guide lays out 4 steps to happier mealtimes and getting them to eat more.

Baby Steps You Can Take Today

If you’re new to feeding a picky eater or you just want to get ahead of the dreaded pickiness, these blog posts will help.
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Where to Start with a Picky Eater

Before anything else — CLICK HERE to download my FREE guide for picky eaters, which includes a daily schedule and the simple chart I recommend ALL parents of picky eaters fill out, to get your little one on the right track. If your little one won’t try new foods, stops


Increase Fruits and Vegetables for Picky Toddlers

There’s this HUGE myth out there that fruit should be avoided or limited.  Disclaimer: this post is sponsored by Little Spoon; all opinions are my own. As an affiliate, I earn from qualifying purchases. You’ll hear people say that the sugar in fruit is too high. They’ll make it seem

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If Your Toddler Won’t Eat Meat

You may worry about protein if your toddler won’t eat meat or fish. Protein is actually not the main concern for your meat refusing kids. Read to learn how much protein they need, what other nutrients they may be missing out on, and see a list of healthy recipes to


Picky Eater-Approved Recipes


Budget-Friendly Recipes for Picky Eaters

Organic chicken nuggets can get expensive! These are cheaper, healthier versions of kid favorites.

My Healthy Meal Plan for Picky Eaters

Make meal planning less stressful while making the foods they already eat just a little healthier.

You Are Doing An Incredible Job!

You research, plan, worry, and work so hard to get them to eat more because you love them. And more than anything, you want to know that they’ll be okay. But still, you worry that you’re not a good enough parent. That you’ll mess them up. That their eating habits are a reflection of you. I see you!

Regardless of what they eat or don't eat today, you are an amazing parent.

You’re giving them everything you’ve got. And they’re so lucky to have you in their corner! Remember that you’re not alone. I’m here to help with this season of picky eating. And it is a season!

Don’t Forget Your FREE Picky Eater Starter Guide!

This free guide walks you through the first 4 steps you can take towards happier mealtimes, getting them to eat more, and gaining CONTROL over their picky eating.
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