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How to Pack Avocado in a Lunch Box

I thought about titling this, “how to pack avocado in a lunchbox so it doesn’t get brown and gross,” but that was just way too long. 😆

Do I need to even explain the reasons I love avocados??

Besides being delicious, in 1/2 cup of avocado you’ll find:

  • 5g fiber (keeping those bowels regular)
  • 11g healthy fats
  • vitamins B5, B6, C, E, and K
  • copper, folate
  • anti-inflammatory components

And they are often toddler-approved!

If your kid loves avocados but you think there’s no way to pack avocado for lunch without it getting brown and gross, I tried out a bunch of methods to find the best way to pack an avocado.

The Best Way to Pack Avocado for a Toddler

This works best with an avocado that’s ripe, but not overly soft and mushy. Good luck finding the perfect avocado, ha.

Step one: slice in half. Remove the pit. Leaving avocado in the skin, slice it lengthwise and crosswise to make chunks, but do not cut through the skin.

pack avocado in lunchbox

Step 2: Splash the avocado with cool water, making sure the entire flesh is wet. You don’t want a pool of water in the middle, you just want it sufficiently wet.

Step 3: wrap the avocado in plastic wrap, making sure to get the plastic wrap flat across the flesh of the avocado, and then wrap the excess underneath. Make sure to fully cover the avocado to prevent air from getting in.

pack avocado in lunchbox

Step 4: into the lunchbox it goes! Don’t forget a fork or spoon. The reason I like to slice the cubes is so that it’s easy for your little one to get pieces out that way.

pack avocado in lunchbox

I’ve tried lemon juice instead of water and don’t find that it does any better of a job than water. Plus with water it doesn’t have any extra flavor, which my kids prefer. 

It’s best to prepare the avocado in the morning, but I’ve done it the night before and found that the avocado only very slightly browned.

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