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#6: Toddler Only Eats Four Foods on Repeat

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Welcome back to Feeding Toddlers Made Easy: The Mama Knows Nutrition Podcast! Today, we’re tackling the most difficult habit to break: picky eating. 

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Let’s hear from Stacia, whose son will only eat the same four foods. And remember, you can call in at any time to leave a voicemail and ask me a question for a chance to be featured on the podcast. 

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Stacia asks: “My little guy is just about to turn three, and for the last year to year and a half, he has been the pickiest eater. He went from eating everything and anything to just being super, super picky. The reason I’m concerned is because if I serve him something he won’t like, it’s a huge struggle, so I always end up giving him something he will eat, which is one of the same four foods. If it’s not something he likes, he won’t eat. Please help!”


There is NOTHING wrong with serving them foods they like at every meal. That’s what I encourage parents to do! 

We don’t want to only put a bunch of new/unliked foods in front of them when we know that they are not an adventurous eater. 

So what can you do? Listen to the full podcast to hear more on:

  • Why doesn’t this strategy work? 
  • How to increase variety with the Rotation Rule (from Dr. Dina Rose)
  • How to pair new foods with ones they are comfortable with
  • How to boost nutrition for picky eaters


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The Rotation Rule is great for easing your little ones out of their picky eating habits. My Free Picky Eater Starter Guide will teach you how to do this. Check it out here.

For pairing new foods with familiar foods, I teach exactly how to get them comfortable with new foods in the One Meal Challenge.


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If your little one isn’t drinking DHA fortified milk, especially if they are 2 or under, try adding this omega 3 DHA supplement into their diet. 

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